Journal of Sports Economics, Vol. 20, 2019, No. 4

A Bias-Corrected Estimator of Competitive Balance in Sports Leagues
Young Hoon Lee, Yongdai Kim, and Sara Kim

Rank and Performance in Dynamic Tournaments: Evidence From the PGA Tour
Daniel C. Hickman, Craig Kerr, and Neil Metz

Guilt Aversion and Reciprocity in the Performance-Enhancing Drug Game
Edward Cartwright

The Demand for English Premier League Soccer Betting
Christian Deutscher, Marius Ötting, Sandra Schneemann, and Hendrik Scholten

Football Spectator No-Show Behavior
Dominik Schreyer, Sascha L. Schmidt, and Benno Torgler

Has Competition in the Market for Subscription Sports Broadcasting Benefited Consumers? The Case of the English Premier League
Robert Butler and Patrick Massey

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