Journal of Sports Economics Vol. 15, No. 2, April 2014

Understanding College Application Decisions: Why College Sports Success Matters
Devin G. Pope and Jaren C. Pope

Decision Making in a Sequential Game: The Case of Pitting in NASCAR
Alan Deck, Cary Deck, and Zhen Zhu

Forced Manager Turnovers in English Soccer Leagues: A Long-Term Perspective
Stefano d’Addona and Axel Kind

A DEA Approach to Performance-Based Budgeting of Formula One Constructors
Ester Gutiérrez and Sebastián Lozano

Research Note
Early Season NFL Over/Under Bias
Michael DiFilippo, Kevin Krieger, Justin Davis, and Andy Fodor

Book Review
Book Review: 15 Sports myths and why they’re wrong
King Banaian

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