Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, Volume 30, 2021, Issue 5

Original Research Reports

Acute Effect of Ankle Kinesio Taping on Lower-Limb Biomechanics During Single-Legged Drop Landing
Javad Sarvestan, Alan R. Needle, Peyman Aghaie Ataabadi, Zuzana Kovačíková, Zdeněk Svoboda, Ali Abbasi
Page: 689–696
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0212

Immediate Effect of Ankle Mobilization on Range of Motion, Dynamic Knee Valgus, and Knee Pain in Women With Patellofemoral Pain and Ankle Dorsiflexion Restriction: A Randomized Controlled Trial With 48-Hour Follow-Up
Bruno Augusto Lima Coelho, Helena Larissa das Neves Rodrigues, Gabriel Peixoto Leão Almeida, Sílvia Maria Amado João
Page: 697–706
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0183

Hop Performance After Return to Sport in Anterior Cruciate Ligament-Reconstructed Gaelic Football and Hurling Athletes
Damien Murphy, Quinette A. Louw, Colum Moloney, Dominique Leibbrandt, Amanda M. Clifford
Page: 707–716
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2019-0488

Evaluation of Shoulder and Knee Isokinetic Strength Profile Among Elite Adolescent Badminton Players
Noh Zulfikri, Victor S. Selvanayagam, Ashril Yusof
Page: 717–724
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2019-0483

Comparison of the Immediate Effect of Petrissage Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage Following Exercise on Biomechanical and Viscoelastic Properties of the Rectus Femoris Muscle in Women
Nilüfer Kablan, Nuray Alaca, Yaşar Tatar
Page: 725–730
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0276

Alterations in Quadriceps Neurologic Complexity After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Steven M. Davi, Colleen K. Woxholdt, Justin L. Rush, Adam S. Lepley, Lindsey K. Lepley
Page: 731–736
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0307

Gaze Accuracy Differences During Single-Leg Balance Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Stephan G. Bodkin, Jay Hertel, Joseph M. Hart
Page: 737–743
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0287

The Effect of Scapular Muscle Strengthening on Functional Recovery in Patients With Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
Joseph M. Day, Ann M. Lucado, R. Barry Dale, Harold Merriman, Craig D. Marker, Tim L. Uhl
Page: 744–753
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0203

Electromyographic Analysis of Hip and Trunk Muscle Activity During Side Bridge Exercises in Subjects With Gluteus Medius Weakness
Kyung-eun Lee, Seung-min Baik, Chung-hwi Yi, Oh-yun Kwon, Heon-seock Cynn
Page: 754–759
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0031

Musculoskeletal Injury History Is Associated With Lower Physical and Mental Health in a Historical Cohort of Former National Football League Players
Zachary Y. Kerr, Julianna Prim, J.D. DeFreese, Leah C. Thomas, Janet E. Simon, Kevin A. Carneiro, Stephen W. Marshall, Kevin M. Guskiewicz
Page: 760–767
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0231

The Influence of Injury History on Countermovement Jump Performance and Movement Strategy in Professional Soccer Players: Implications for Profiling and Rehabilitation Foci
Andy Mitchell, Craig Holding, Matt Greig
Page: 768–773
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0243

Single- Versus Dual-Task Functional Movement Paradigms: A Biomechanical Analysis
Landon B. Lempke, Jeonghoon Oh, Rachel S. Johnson, Julianne D. Schmidt, Robert C. Lynall
Page: 774–785
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0310

High Thoracic Kyphosis and Backward Trunk Inclination Angles in the Single-Leg Standing Position Associate With Medial Elbow Injuries in Youth Baseball Players: A Cross-Sectional Study
Akira Saito, Kyoji Okada, Hiromichi Sato, Kazuyuki Shibata, Tetsuaki Kamata
Page: 786–793
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0155

Concurrent Continuous Versus Bandwidth Visual Feedback With Varying Body Representation for the 2-Legged Squat Exercise
Sean Sanford, Mingxiao Liu, Raviraj Nataraj
Page: 794–803
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0234

The Effect of Diacutaneous Fibrolysis on Local and Widespread Hyperalgesia and Muscle Length in Patients With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: Secondary Analysis of a Pretest–Posttest Clinical Trial
Pablo Fanlo-Mazas, Elena Bueno-Gracia, Alazne Ruiz de Escudero-Zapico, Carlos López-de-Celis, César Hidalgo-García, Jacobo Rodríguez-Sanz, María Orosia Lucha-López
Page: 804–811
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0176

Critically Appraised Topics

Open Access
Altered Central Pain Processing in Patients With Chronic Plantar Heel Pain: A Critically Appraised Topic
Dhinu J. Jayaseelan, Cesar Fernandez-de-las-Penas, Taylor Blattenberger, Dean Bonneau
Page: 812–817
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0371

Open Access
The Influence of Kinesiophobia on Perceived Disability in Patients With an Upper-Extremity Injury: A Critically Appraised Topic
Olivia Bartlett, James L. Farnsworth II
Page: 818–823
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0179

Technical Reports

Open Access
Serratus Anterior Stretch: A Novel Intervention and Its Effect on the Shoulder Range of Motion
Keramat Ullah Keramat, Mohammad Naveed Babar
Page: 824–827
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0121

Open Access
The Reliability of an Upper- and Lower-Extremity Visuomotor Reaction Time Task
Caitlin Brinkman, Shelby E. Baez, Carolina Quintana, Morgan L. Andrews, Nick R. Heebner, Matthew C. Hoch, Johanna M. Hoch
Page: 828–831
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0146

Open Access
Tibial Accelerations During the Single-Leg Hop Test: Influence of Fixation
Hannah W. Tucker, Emily R. Tobin, Matthew F. Moran
Page: 832–835
DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2020-0309

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