Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, Volume 9, 2018, Issue 2

The mental workout: Implementing phase 1 of the Ten-Minute Toughness mental training program
Taylor Montgomery, Michael Ross, Joanne Perry & Ashley Hansen

Setting the SCENE: Developing a caring youth sport environment
Lori Gano-Overway & Marta Guivernau

Models of performance excellence: Four approaches to sport psychology consulting
Mark W. Aoyagi, Alexander B. Cohen, Artur Poczwardowski, Jonathan N. Metzler & Traci Statler

Phenomenological consulting: A viable alternative for sport psychology practitioners
Mark A. Hector, Johannes Raabe & Craig A. Wrisberg

Working in Danish ice hockey: Psychological services derived from the context
Carsten H. Larsen

PYDSportNET: A knowledge translation project bridging gaps between research and practice in youth sport
Nicholas L. Holt, Martin Camiré, Katherine A. Tamminen, Kurtis Pankow, Shannon R. Pynn, Leisha Strachan, Dany J. MacDonald & Jessica Fraser-Thomas

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