Journal of Sport Management, Volume 33, 2019, Issue 5: Sport for Social Change: Bridging the Theory–Practice Divide


Full access
Sport for Social Change: Bridging the Theory–Practice Divide
Jon Welty Peachey, Nico Schulenkorf and Ramon Spaaij
Pages: 361–365


Open access
Knowledge Translation Practices, Enablers, and Constraints: Bridging the Research–Practice Divide in Sport Management
Hebe Schaillée, Ramón Spaaij, Ruth Jeanes and Marc Theeboom
Pages: 366–378

Making Settler Colonialism Visible in Sport Management
Chen Chen and Daniel S. Mason
Pages: 379–392

“My Ideal Is Where It Is Just Jane the Cricketer, Rather Than Jane the Gay Cricketer”: An Institutional Perspective of Lesbian Inclusion in Australian Cricket
Jonathan Robertson, Ryan Storr, Andrew Bakos and Danny O’Brien
Pages: 393–405

Theory Creation in Sport for Development: Reflections on Barriers and Strategies for Advancement
Carrie W. LeCrom, Brendan Dwyer and Gregory Greenhalgh
Pages: 406–414

The Importance of Theorizing Social Change in Sport for Development: A Case Study of Magic Bus in London
Stephen Hills, Matthew Walker and Marlene Dixon
Pages: 415–425

Bridge-Building for Social Transformation in Sport for Development and Peace
Per G. Svensson and Richard Loat
Pages: 426–439

Development, Gender and Sport: Theorizing a Feminist Practice of the Capabilities Approach in Sport for Development
Sarah Zipp, Tavis Smith and Simon Darnell
Pages: 440–449

A Nascent Sport for Development and Peace Organization’s Response to Institutional Complexity: The Emergence of a Hybrid Agency in Kenya
Marlene A. Dixon and Per G. Svensson
Pages: 450–466

Sport-For-Development Organizational Hybridity: From Differentiated to Dysfunctional
Katherine Raw, Emma Sherry and Katie Rowe
Pages: 467–480

Open access
Sport for Social Change With Aotearoa New Zealand Youth: Navigating the Theory–Practice Nexus Through Indigenous Principles
Jeremy Hapeta, Rochelle Stewart-Withers and Farah Palmer
Pages: 481–492

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