Journal of Sport History, Volume 47, 2020, Number 3



Conceptualizing “Small-Time” College Athletics: The Fracture of the “Little Nineteen” Conference in the 1930s
Brian M. Ingrassia
pp. 191-209

“Heading for the big time”: South Africans and the North American Soccer League, 1968–84
Chris Bolsmann
pp. 210-225

“National Responsibility”: A History of Willful Nostalgia in the Canadian Football League
Ben Andrews, Craig Greenham
pp. 226-242

Superfood or Superficial? Plasmon and the Birth of the Supplement Industry
Conor Heffernan
pp. 243-262

Special section on Michael Jordan and The Last Dance (ESPN), introduced by Travis Vogan, and with brief scholarly commentaries by Courtney M. Cox, Othello Harris, Victoria Harms, Carl Suddler, Curtis M. Harris, and Mary G. McDonald.

Plus 20 film and book reviews

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