Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology Volume 34, Issue 6, December 2012

Moral Identity and Emotion in Athletes
Maria Kavussanu, Adrian Willoughby, Christopher Ring

The Stability of Automatic Evaluations of Physical Activity and Their Relations With Physical Activity
Amanda L. Hyde, Steriani Elavsky, Shawna E. Doerksen, David E. Conroy

Development of, and Initial Validity Evidence for, the Referee Self-Efficacy Scale: A Multistudy Report
Nicholas D. Myers, Deborah L. Feltz, Lori Dithurbide

Shifting the Focus From Quantitative to Qualitative Exercise Characteristics in Exercise and Cognition Research
Caterina Pesce

The Effects of Training and Competition on Achievement Goals, Motivational Responses, and Performance in a Golf-Putting Task
Pepijn K.C. van de Pol, Maria Kavussanu, Christopher Ring

Impact of Physical Activity on Executive Functions in Aging: A Selective Effect on Inhibition Among Old Adults
Geoffroy K. Boucard, Cédric T. Albinet, Aurélia Bugaiska, Cédric A. Bouquet, David Clarys, Michel Audiffren

Contextual Effects on the Perceived Health Benefits of Exercise: The Exercise Rank Hypothesis
John Maltby, Alex M. Wood, Ivo Vlaev, Michael J. Taylor, Gordon D.A. Brown

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