Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 16, 2019, Issue 6


First Physical Activity Report Card for Children and Youth in Lebanon
Patrick Abi Nader, Lina Majed, Susan Sayegh, Lama Mattar, Ruba Hadla, Marie Claire Chamieh, Carla Habib Mourad, Elie-Jacques Fares, Zeina Hawa, and Mathieu Bélange

Do Poorer Children Have Poorer Playgrounds? A Geographically Weighted Analysis of Attractiveness, Cleanliness, and Safety of Playgrounds in Affluent and Deprived Urban Neighborhoods
Christoph Buck, Anca Bolbos, and Sven Schneider

Measurement of Children’s Real-Time Physical Activity Enjoyment Using a New Visual Analog Scale
Cheryl A. Howe, Kimberly A. Clevenger, Danielle McElhiney, Camille Mihalic, and Moira A. Ragan

Physical Activity, Screen Time, and Sleep in Children With ADHD
Pooja S. Tandon, Tyler Sasser, Erin S. Gonzalez, Kathryn B. Whitlock, Dimitri A. Christakis, and Mark A. Stein

Beneficial Effects of Acute Exercise on Executive Function in Adolescents
SeYun Park and Jennifer L. Etnier

The Implementation of a National Physical Activity Intervention in Colombia
Lukas K. Gaffney, Oscar D. Lozano, Adriana Almanza, Nubia Ruiz, Alejandro Mantero, and Mark Stoutenberg

Physical Activity, Sport Participation, and Perceived Barriers to Engagement in First-Year Canadian University Students
Aysha M. Thomas, Kayleigh M. Beaudry, Kimbereley L. Gammage, Panagiota Klentrou, and Andrea R. Josse

Association Between Neighborhood Income, Patterns of Use, and Physical Activity Levels in Fitness Zones of Curitiba, Brazil
Claudia O. Alberico, J. Aaron Hipp, and Rodrigo S. Reis

Why Residuals Are Important in the Self-Efficacy–Performance Relationship Analysis: A Study Across 12 Cycling Sessions
Stephen Samendinger, Christopher R. Hill, Teri J. Hepler, and Deborah L. Feltz

Functional Exercise Improves Mobility Performance in Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Kimberlee A. Gretebeck, Caroline S. Blaum, Tisha Moore, Roger Brown, Andrzej Galecki, Debra Strasburg, Shu Chen, and Neil B. Alexander


Energy Expenditure and Intensity of Group-Based High-Intensity Functional Training: A Brief Report
Erik A. Willis, Amanda N. Szabo-Reed, Lauren T. Ptomey, Jeffery J. Honas, Felicia L. Steger, Richard A. Washburn, and Joseph E. Donnelly


Effect of Strength Training on Lipid and Inflammatory Outcomes: Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression
Rochelle Rocha Costa, Adriana Cristine Koch Buttelli, Alexandra Ferreira Vieira, Leandro Coconcelli, Rafael de Lima Magalhães, Rodrigo Sudatti Delevatti, and Luiz Fernando Martins Kruel

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