Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 15, 2018, Issue 8

Neighborhood Disadvantage and Physical Function: The Contributions of Neighborhood-Level Perceptions of Safety From Crime and Walking for Recreation
Venurs H.Y. Loh, Jerome N. Rachele, Wendy J. Brown, Fatima Ghani, and Gavin Turrell

Physical Activity and Disability: An Analysis on How Activity Might Lower Medical Expenditures
Xinling Xu, Orgul D. Ozturk, Margaret A. Turk, and Suzanne W. McDermott

Assessing the Influence of Visitors’ Sociodemographic and Trip Characteristics on Physical Activity Intensities in Alt Pirineu Natural Park, Spain
Estela Farías-Torbidoni, Demir Barić, and Sebastià Mas-Alòs

Physical Activity in Public Parks of High and Low Socioeconomic Status in Colombia Using Observational Methods
Diana Marina Camargo, Paula Camila Ramírez, Vanesa Quiroga, Paola Ríos, Rogério César Férmino, and Olga L. Sarmiento

Low- and High-Volume Water-Based Resistance Training Induces Similar Strength and Functional Capacity Improvements in Older Women: A Randomized Study
Thaís Reichert, Rodrigo Sudatti Delevatti, Alexandre Konig Garcia Prado, Natália Carvalho Bagatini, Nicole Monticelli Simmer, Andressa Pellegrini Meinerz, Bruna Machado Barroso, Rochelle Rocha Costa, Ana Carolina Kanitz, and Luiz Fernando Martins Kruel

Walking, But Not Other Physical Activity at a Higher Intensity, Is Associated With Improved Kidney Function: A Cross-Sectional Health Survey of General Adult Population
Dahai Yu, Ying Chen, Tao Chen, Yamei Cai, Rui Qin, Zhixin Jiang, and Zhanzheng Zhao

Evaluation of Event Physical Activity Engagement at an Open Streets Initiative Within a Texas–Mexico Border Town
Cindy Lynn Salazar-Collier, Belinda Reininger, Rose Gowen, Arturo Rodriguez, and Anna Wilkinson

The Relationship Between Physical Activity Level of Parents and That of Their Adolescent Children
Hyo Jung Yoon, Sang Ah Lee, Young Jun Ju, Jin Young Nam, and Eun-Cheol Park

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Relationships of Physical Activity and Body Fat With Nerve Growth Factor and Brain-Derived Neural Factor in Children
Daniel Arvidsson, Elias Johannesson, Lars Bo Andersen, Magnus Karlsson, Per Wollmer, Ola Thorsson, and Magnus Dencker

Policy and Practice-Relevant Youth Physical Activity Research Center Agenda
Nisha Botchwey, Myron F. Floyd, Keshia Pollack Porter, Carmen L. Cutter, Chad Spoon, Tom L. Schmid, Terry L. Conway, J. Aaron Hipp, Anna J. Kim, M. Renee Umstattd Meyer, Amanda L. Walker, Tina J. Kauh, and Jim F. Sallis

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