Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 14, 2017, Issue 8

Energy Expenditure in Vinyasa Yoga Versus Walking
Sally A. Sherman, Renee J. Rogers, Kelliann K. Davis, Ryan L. Minster, Seth A. Creasy, Nicole C. Mullarkey, Matthew O’Dell, Patrick Donahue, and John M. Jakicic

Impact of Lifestyle Strategies on Longer-Term Physical Activity and Weight
Margaret P. Lott, Andrea Kriska, Emma Barinas-Mitchell, Li Wang, Kristi Storti, Daniel G. Winger, and Molly B. Conroy

Time to First Cigarette, Physical Activity, and Pulmonary Function in Middle-aged to Older Adult Smokers
Russell T. Nye, Melissa Mercincavage, and Steven A. Branstetter

The Acute Effects of Breaking Up Seated Office Work With Standing or Light-Intensity Walking on Interstitial Glucose Concentration: A Randomized Crossover Trial
Laura A. Brocklebank, Rob C. Andrews, Angie Page, Catherine L. Falconer, Sam Leary, and Ashley Cooper

Combining Activity-Related Behaviors and Attributes Improves Prediction of Health Status in NHANES
Sarah Kozey Keadle, Shirley Bluethmann, Charles E. Matthews, Barry I. Graubard, and Frank M. Perna

Active Travel Behavior in a Border Region of Texas and New Mexico: Motivators, Deterrents, and Characteristics
Ipek N. Sener and Richard J. Lee

Psychometric Properties of the Brazilian Portuguese Version of the PARmed-X for Pregnancy
Roberta Bgeginski, Diogo A. DeSousa, Bruna M. Barroso, Janete Vettorazzi, Michelle F. Mottola, Felipe B. Schuch, and José Geraldo L. Ramos

From Perception to Action: The Mediating Role of Parental Safety Concerns on Adolescents’ Physical Activity
Chia-Yuan Yu and Ayoung Woo

Results From the First French Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Adolescents
Julien Aucouturier, Caroline Ganière, Salomé Aubert, Fabien Riviere, Corinne Praznoczy, Anne Vuillemin, Mark S Tremblay, Martine Duclos, and David Thivel

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