Journal of Imagery Research in Sport and Physical Activity Volume 12, Issue 1

Brain Wave Activity Differences in Task Complexity and Perspective During Imagery
Vangen, Robert / Post, Phillip / Simpson, Duncan / Cremades, Gualberto

Examining the Feasibility of a Short Intervention for Improving Exercise Imagery Ability
Weibull, Fredrik / Cumming, Jennifer / Cooley, Sam J. / Williams, Sarah E. / Burns, Victoria E.

The Effect of an Imagery Training Intervention on Self-confidence, Anxiety and Performance in Acrobatic Gymnastics – A Pilot Study
Marshall, Elizabeth Ann / Gibson, Ann-Marie

The Effect of Motor Imagery Practice on Elevé Performance in Adolescent Female Dance Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Abraham, Amit / Dunsky, Ayelet / Dickstein, Ruth

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