Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, Volume 31, November 2022

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Presenting the case for implementing entrustable professional activities (EPA) in Sport and Exercise Sciences teaching: Application and alignment to develop student competencies
Eddie J. Bradley, Lisa Board, David Archer, Mikeala Morgans

Student perspectives of event design: Learning and transformation using the #EventCanvas methodology
Noel Criscione-Naylor

Student’s perceptions of sharing platforms and digital learning for sustainable behaviour and value changes
Jeou-Shyan Horng, Chih-Hsing Liu, Sheng-Fang Chou, Tai-Yi Yu, Yen-PoFang, Yung-Chuan Huang

Small College Sport Management Students: A Population & Performance Case Study
Anne L. DeMartini, Pin Hung Kao, Jillian McNiff-Villemaire

A Systematic Review of hospitality and tourism management students’ career intentions
Zilan Gong, Dr Zhujun Jia

Open Access
“What motivates me?” Motivation to conduct research of academics in teaching-oriented universities in China
Ting Zhou, Rob Law, Patrick C. Lee

Sustainability courses in hospitality and tourism higher education: Perspectives from industry practitioners and students
Xinyan Zhang, Pimtong Tavitiyaman

Open Access
Does background matter? Analysis of the influence of sex, socioeconomic status and the existence of an entrepreneurial family member as a precursor to entrepreneurship in university students of Sport Sciences
Alejandro Lara-Bocanegra, Jerónimo García-Fernández, Pablo Gálvez-Ruiz, Moisés Grimaldi-Puyana, M. Rocío Bohórquez Gómez-Millán

Are higher education institutions preparing future tourism professionals for tourism for all? An overview from Portuguese higher education tourism programmes
Celeste Eusébio, Joana Pimentel Alves, Maria J. Rosa, Leonor Teixeira

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Intergenerational service learning outcomes for event management undergraduates involved in organizing Pickleball events
Jungsu Ryu, Jinmoo Heo

Open Access
Association between attendance, online course activity time, and grades: Analysis of undergraduate sport science cohorts during the COVID-19 pandemic
Mitchell J. Finlay, Thomas Simpson, Daniel J. Tinnion

Open Access
Combining sport and academic career: Exploring the current state of student-athletes’ dual career research field
Alberto Vidal-Vilaplana, Irena Valantine, Inga Staskeviciute-Butiene, Maria H. González-Serrano, Laura Capranica, Ferran Calabuig

The two-way perspective of tourism undergraduates towards (post-)viral world: The future of tourism, and vocational development and career
Faruk Seyitoğlu, Ozan Atsız, Fazıl Kaya, Sedat Taş

Exploring critical issues in event planning through a group research and jigsaw presentation project
Yvette Sterbenk

Open Access
Online learning in higher education in the UK: Exploring the experiences of sports students and staff
Nicola McCullogh, Georgia Allen, Emma Boocock, Daniel J. Peart, Rick Hayman

Open Access
Towards the development of future sustainable sports entrepreneurs: An asymmetric approach of the sports sciences sustainable entrepreneurial intentions
Daniel Ordiñana Bellver, Carlos Pérez-Campos, María Huertas González-Serrano, Gabriel Martínez-Rico

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