Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, Volume 27, 2020

Research articles

Communicative language teaching and English as a foreign language undergraduates’ communicative competence in Tourism English
Ya-Yu Cloudia Ho

Gamification as a motivation strategy for higher education students in tourism face-to-face learning
Lidia Aguiar-Castillo, Lidia Hernández-López, Petra De Saá-Pérez, Rafael Pérez-Jiménez

The acceptance of critical courses: A case study of a fair trade-related course
Yeong-Shyang Chen, Shou-Tsung Wu

The role of hospitality & tourism schools in promoting gender equity
K. Neil

An interactive instruction model design with role play technique in distance education: A case study in open education system
Dr Ece Doğantan

The economic and social impact of a university education upon the development of the Romanian tourism industry
Sebatian Vaduva, Samuel Echevarria-Cruz, Joseph Takacs

The effect of blended learning platform and engagement on students’ satisfaction—— the case from the tourism management teaching
Bo Wendy Gao, Juan Jiang, Ying Tang

Open Access
Measuring tourism and environmental sciences students’ attitudes towards sustainable tourism
Fernando Arrobas, Jéssica Ferreira, Eduardo Brito-Henriques, António Fernandes

A feedforward approach to teaching, learning and assessment in an undergraduate sports science module
M.R. Noon, E.L.J. Eyre

Incorporating problem-based learning with direct instruction improves student learning in undergraduate biomechanics
Brian Wallace, Duane Knudson, Naghmeh Gheidi

Informed consumers? Students, choices and events management degrees
Katherine Dashper, Neil Ormerod, Thomas Fletcher, Dan Lomax, Alan Marvell, Andrew Bradley

Social risk-taking in school-to-work transition: A panel study of sport graduates
Özlem Özdinç

Open Access
Social media in sport management education: Introducing LinkedIn
Samuel López-Carril, Christos Anagnostopoulos, Petros Parganas

Future work-self salience and proactive career behavior among college student-athletes in Taiwan: A career construction model of adaptation
Wan Chen Lu

What dimensions of career expos have the most impact on student satisfaction?
Myong Jae (M.J.) Lee, Patrick C. Lee, Lea R. Dopson, Sungsik Yoon

The effectiveness of online scenario game for ecotourism education from knowledge-attitude-usability dimensions
Chan Chung-Shing, Chan Yat-hang, Fong Tsz Heung Agnes

Open Access
The moderating effect of student club membership on the relationship between career intention in the tourism sector and post-graduate employability anxiety
Engin Unguren, Tahire Huseyinli

Boot camps, bugs, and dreams: Metaphor analysis of internship experiences in the hospitality industry
Yaniv Belhassen, Kellee Caton, Carmit Vahaba

Internship at Sport Science undergraduate courses: A scoping review
Verónica Gabriela Silva Piovani, Suelen Vicente Vieira, Jorge Both, Ieda Parra Barbosa Rinaldi

Work-based social support and hospitality internship satisfaction
Christopher Mensah, Melody E. Appietu, Vincent K. Asimah

Transformative travel: Transformative learning through education abroad in a niche tourism destination
RayeCarol Cavender, Jason R. Swanson, Kendall Wright

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