Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education Volume 17, November 2015


Inspiring and motivating learners in Higher Education: The staff perspective
Original Research Article Pages 5-13
Stewart T. Cotterill

Driving forces in the decision to enroll in hospitality and tourism graduate program
Original Research Article Pages 14-27
Heesup Han, Haejin Yoon

Awakening student creativity: Empirical evidence in a learning environment context
Original Research Article  Pages 28-38
Chang-Yen Tsai, Jeou-Shyan Horng, Chih-Hsing Liu, Da-Chian Hu, Yu-Chun Chung

Student perceptions and experiences of problem-based learning in first year undergraduate sports therapy
Original Research Article Pages 39-49
Sheila Leddington Wright, Michael J. Duncana, Maggi Savin-Badenb

Making career decisions in a changing graduate labour market: A Hospitality perspective
Original Research Article Pages 50-58
Stefanos Nachmias, Andreas Walmsley

Practice Paper

Incorporating twitter within the sport management classroom: Rules and uses for effective practical application
Original Research Article Pages 1-4
Joni Marr, Christi S. DeWaele

Educational Resources Review

Use of student response and engagement systems in the collegiate classroom: An educational resources review
Original Research Article Pages 59-61
Nicholas J. Thomas, Eric A. Brown, Lisa Y. Thomas

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