Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, Volume 14, 2020, Issue 2

Invited Paper

The Journey of Service Delivery Competence in Applied Sport Psychology: The Arc of Development for New Professionals
Jana L. Fogaca, Jack C. Watson II, Sam J. Zizzi
Page: 109 – 126
DOI: 10.1123/jcsp.2019-0010

Original Research

Realizing, Adapting, and Thriving in Career Transitions From Gymnastics to Contemporary Circus Arts
Fleur E.C.A. van Rens, Edson Filho
Page: 127 – 148
DOI: 10.1123/jcsp.2018-0075

Can Learning Self-Regulatory Competencies Through a Guided Intervention Improve Coaches’ Burnout Symptoms and Well-Being?
Kylie McNeill, Natalie Durand-Bush, Pierre-Nicolas Lemyre
Page: 149 – 169
DOI: 10.1123/jcsp.2018-0019

Open Access
Acceptance and Commitment Training to Promote Psychological Flexibility in Ice Hockey Performance: A Controlled Group Feasibility Study
Tobias Lundgren, Gustaf Reinebo, Markus Näslund, Thomas Parling
Page: 170 – 181
DOI: 10.1123/jcsp.2018-0081

Exploring Early Sport Specialization: Associations With Psychosocial Outcomes
Shelby Waldron, J.D. DeFreese, Brian Pietrosimone, Johna Register-Mihalik, Nikki Barczak
Page: 182 – 202
DOI: 10.1123/jcsp.2018-0061

Examining the Relationships Between Gratitude and Spiritual and Religious Identification Among Collegiate Athletes
Nicole T. Gabana, Aaron D’Addario, Matteo Luzzeri, Stinne Soendergaard, Y. Joel Wong
Page: 203 – 219
DOI: 10.1123/jcsp.2018-0068

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