Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, Volume 13, 2019, Issue 2: #MeToo: Sexual Assault and Harassment in Sport and Performance


#MeToo: Uncovering Sexual Harassment and Assault in Sport
Justine J. Reel and Emily Crouch


I Was His Litmus Test: An Autoethnographic Account of Being Groomed in Sport
Tanya R. Prewitt-White

Sexual Assault on College Campuses: What Sport Psychology Practitioners Need to Know
Kendahl Shortway, Marina Oganesova, and Andrew Vincent

#MeToo and Yoga: Guidance for Clinicians Referring to Trauma-Informed Yoga
Danielle Rousseau, Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit, and Mark Lilly

Athlete Narratives of Sexual Harassment and Abuse in the Field of Sport
Kristine Bisgaard and Jan Toftegaard Støckel

#SportToo: Implications of and Best Practice for the #MeToo Movement in Sport
Mitch Abrams and Michelle L. Bartlett

Associations Between Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment by a Coach and Psychological Ill-Being Amongst Gender and Sexual Minority Sport Participants in Finland
Marja Kokkonen

Re-Norming Sport for Inclusivity: How the Sport Community Has the Potential to Change a Toxic Culture of Harassment and Abuse
Melissa L. Breger, Margery J. Holman, and Michelle D. Guerrero

Power and Trust Dynamics of Sexual Violence: A Textual Analysis of Nassar Victim Impact Statements and #MeToo Disclosures on Twitter
Brian A. Eiler, Rosemary Al-Kire, Patrick C. Doyle, and Heidi A. Wayment

Association Between Sexual Violence Experiences and Well-Being and Risk for Depression in Elite Athletes Depends on the Context of the Incidents
Jeannine Ohlert, Thea Rau, and Marc Allroggen

College Athletes, Pluralistic Ignorance and Bystander Behaviors to Prevent Sexual Assault
Emily Kroshus

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