Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, Volume 10, 2016 Issue 3

jcsp-dsAttitudes and Opinions of Female High School Athletes About Sports-Focused Mindfulness Training and Practices
Douglas Worthen and James K. Luiselli

The Role of Psychological Flexibility in Injury Rehabilitation
Jessica J. DeGaetano, Andrew T. Wolanin, Donald R. Marks, and Shiloh M. Eastin

Withdrawn Behavior, Leisure-Time Exercise Behavior, and Screen-Time Sedentary Behavior in a Clinical Sample of Youth
Meghan Schreck, Robert Althoff, Meike Bartels, Eco de Geus, Jeremy Sibold, Christine Giummo, David Rubin, and James Hudziak

Workaholism, Home–Work/Work–Home Interference, and Exhaustion Among Sports Coaches
Erik Lundkvist, Henrik Gustafsson, Paul Davis, and Peter Hassmén

Addressing the Problem of Student- Athlete Sleepiness: Feasibility of Implementing an Interactive Sleep Workshop at a Division I School
Emily Kaier, Danielle Zanotti, Joanne L. Davis, Kathleen Strunk, and Lisa DeMarni Cromer

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