Journal of Brand Strategy Volume 1 Number 3 2012


  • A unified theory of brand management: How your promise equation can make or break your brand
    Randall S. Rozin, Global Director, Brand Management and Marketing Communications, Dow Corning
  • A new model for assessing the value of social media activity
    Mark Henry, Central Marketing Director and Brian Harte, Head of Customer Engagement & eMarketing, Tourism Ireland
  • Strategies for making brands more dynamic and entrepreneurial
    Julie Cottineau, Founder, BrandTwist; former VP, Brand, Virgin USA
  • How sustainability creates business and brand value
    Nestor Coronado Palma, Director, Sustainability, Philips Consumer Lifestyle and Mirjam Visser, Delft University of Technology
  • Why and how to employ simplicity in brand communications
    Howard Belk, co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer and Brian Rafferty, Global Director of Research Insights, Siegel+Gale
  • Case study: Growing a designer bridal jewellery brand
    Daniel J. Scott, Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Kay
  • The transformation of automotive brands and the triumphs and pitfalls of current positioning
    Brent Percival, Development Officer, Auburn University
  • ‘Rogue’ athlete endorsers: Using social identity theory to assess brand fit
    James Pokrywczynski, Associate Professor, Department of Strategic Communication and David L. Brinker, Marquette University
  • Exploring the challenges facing female athletes as endorsers
    John Antil, Associate Professor of Marketing, Matthew Robinson, Professor, University of Delaware and Rick Burton, Professor, Syracuse University



  • The IBM Brand System: Interview with Kevin Bishop, VP WW Brand System and IBMer Enablement, IBM
    Angus Jenkinson, CEO, Stellar Global Partnership

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