Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, Volume 25, 2017, No. 4

Original Research

Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease Among Older Adults: The Case of Race and Ethnicity
Kerstin Gerst Emerson and Jennifer Gay

Building Community: Stakeholder Perspectives on Walking in Malls and Other Venues
Basia Belza, Christina E. Miyawaki, Peg Allen, Diane K. King, David X. Marquez, Dina L. Jones, Sarah Janicek, Dori Rosenberg, and David R. Brown

Changes on Walking During Street Crossing Situations and on Dorsiflexion Strength of Older Caribbean Americans After an Exercise Program: A Pilot Study
Edgar R. Vieira, Ruth Tappen, Sareen S. Gropper, Maria T. Severi, Gabriella Engstrom, Marcio R. de Oliveira, Alexandre C. Barbosa, and Rubens A. da Silva

Feasibility and Impact of High-Intensity Walking Training in Frail Older Adults
Margaret K. Danilovich, David E. Conroy, and T. George Hornby

The Effects of a Multicomponent Dyadic Intervention With Physical Exercise on the Cognitive Functioning of People With Dementia: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Anna-Eva Prick, Jacomine de Lange, Erik Scherder, Jos Twisk, and Anne Margriet Pot

Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Healthcare Expenditures Related to Arterial Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus in Older Adults: SABE Study
Denise Rodrigues Bueno, Maria de Fátima Nunes Marucci, Clara Suemi da Costa Rosa, Rômulo Araújo Fernandes, Yeda Aparecida de Oliveira Duarte, and Maria Lucia Lebão

High Volume Exercise Training in Older Athletes Influences Inflammatory and Redox Responses to Acute Exercise
André L. Estrela, Aline Zaparte, Jeferson D. da Silva, José Cláudio Moreira, James E. Turner, and Moisés E. Bauer

Functioning Without Cartilage: Older People With Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis Who Self-Report No Functional Limitations Do Score Lower on a Performance Battery
Daniël M. van Leeuwen, Fabian van de Bunt, Cornelis J. de Ruiter, Natasja M. van Schoor, Dorly J.H. Deeg, and Kaj S. Emanuel

Physical Activity Behavior and Competing Activities: Interrelations in 55- to 70-Year-Old Germans
Volker Cihlar and Sonia Lippke

Effects of Slipper Features and Properties on Walking and Sit-to-Stand Tasks of Older Women
Wai-Ting Lo, Kit-Lun Yick, Newman Lau, Lok-Tung Tse, Sun-Pui Ng, and Joanne Yip

Effects of a Community Care Station Program With Structured Exercise Intervention on Physical Performance and Balance in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Prospective 2-Year Observational Study
Chung-Chao Liang, Qi-Xing Change, Yu-Chou Hung, Chizan-Chung Chen, Chun-Hsiang Lin, Yu-Chun Wei, and Jia-Ching Chen

Impact of Walking Cadence Prescription to Reach the Global Physical Activity Recommendations in Older Adults
Jana Slaght, Martin Sénéchal, and Danielle R. Bouchard

Twelve-Week Exercise Influences Memory Complaint but not Memory Performance in Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Study Enzo Iuliano, Giovanni Fiorilli, Giovanna Aquino, Alfonso Di Costanzo, Giuseppe Calcagno, and Alessandra di Cagno

Virtual Reality Training With Three-Dimensional Video Games Improves Postural Balance and Lower Extremity Strength in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Yongwoo Lee, Wonjae Choi, Kyeongjin Lee, Changho Song, and Seungwon Lee

Translation of Fit & Strong! for Use by Hispanics With Arthritis: A Feasibility Trial of ¡En Forma y Fuerte!
Cheryl Der Ananian, Renae Smith-Ray, Brad Meacham, Amy Shah, and Susan Hughes

Longitudinal Association Between Objectively Measured Walking and Depressive Symptoms Among Estonian Older Adults
Lennart Raudsepp and Eva-Maria Riso

The Association Between Physical Activity With Cognitive Function and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in People With Parkinson’s Disease: A Pilot Study
Hanan Khalil, Mahmoud A. Alomari, Omar Khabour, Aya Al-Hieshan, and Jawad A. Bajwa

Scholarly Reviews

Effect of Different Types of Physical Activity on Activities of Daily Living in Older Adults: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Christine E. Roberts, Louise H. Phillips, Clare L. Cooper, Stuart Gray, and Julia L. Allan

The Influence of a Cognitive Dual Task on the Gait Parameters of Healthy Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Erin Smith, Tara Cusack, Caitriona Cunningham, and Catherine Blake

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