International Sports Studies, Volume 40, 2018, Number 2


John Saunders
pp: 1-3, 2018-12-20

Separated by geography, joined in soccer: a comparative analysis of the development of soccer in the USA and Australia
Andy Harper
pp: 4-18, 2018-12-20

The influence of hosting an international sport event on the young generation: the case of Qatar
Wadih Ishac, Claude Sobry, Patrick Bouchet & Sorina Cernaianu
pp: 19-33, 2018-12-20

Internationalism and the first editions of the Modern Olympics
William Douglas Almeida & Katia Rubio
pp: 34-46, 2018-12-20

Girls, women and physical activity: the limits of choice and opportunity
Richard Bailey
pp: 47-55, 2018-12-20

Book Review: The Larson trilogy: Lisbeth Salander – contemporary and athletic
Scott A.G.M. Crawford
pp: 56-59, 2018-12-20

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