International Sport Coaching Journal, Volume: 7, 2020, Issue 2



Mapping Canadian Wheelchair Curling Coaches’ Development: A Landscape Metaphor for a Systems Approach
Tiago Duarte, Diane M. Culver and Kyle Paquette
Pages: 117–126

How Coaches See Conscientiousness-Related Traits and Their Impact on Athletes’ Training and Expertise Development
Rafael A. B. Tedesqui and Bradley W. Young
Pages: 127–138

Examining Program Quality in a National Junior Golf Development Program
Sara Kramers, Martin Camiré and Corliss Bean
Pages: 139–150

Strategic Understandings: An Investigation of Professional Academy Youth Soccer Coaches’ Interpretation, Knowledge, and Application of Game Strategies
Amy Price, Dave Collins, John Stoszkowski and Shane Pill
Pages: 151–162

Worst to First: Turnaround Leadership Through the Lens of Successful High School Football Coaches
Scott Westfall
Pages: 163–174

“I Don’t Want to Give Them My Brain for the Day . . . and Then Take It Back”: An Examination of the Coach-Created Motivational Climate in Adult Adventure Sports
Doug Cooper and Justine Allen
Pages: 175–188

Investigating the Barriers and Facilitators to Achieving Coaching Certification
Joseph J. Gurgis, Gretchen A. Kerr and Ashley E. Stirling
Pages: 189–199

Challenges Experienced by Women High-Performance Coaches: Sustainability in the Profession
Göran Kenttä, Marte Bentzen, Kristen Dieffenbach and Peter Olusoga
Pages: 200–208

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Psychological Resilience in Olympic Medal–Winning Coaches: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study
Mustafa Sarkar and Nathan K. Hilton
Pages: 209–219


The Video Coach—Reflections on the Use of ICT in High-Performance Sport
Blake Bennett
Pages: 220–228

Leadership, Bridging, and Group-Game Engineering: Guidelines for Community Sport Coaches
Philippe Crisp
Pages: 229–238


The Status of Youth Coach Training in the United States: Existing Programs and Room for Improvement
Bradley Fawver, Garrett F. Beatty, John T. Roman and Kevin Kurtz
Pages: 239–251


Reengaging Athletes During Learning
Rhys J. Thurston
Pages: 252–255

Surprising Consequences of Researching John Wooden’s Teaching Practices: The Backstory of the 1976 Study of the Legendary University of California, Los Angeles Basketball Coach
Ronald Gallimore
Pages: 256–260

From Center Stage to the Sidelines: What Role Might Previous Athletic Experience Play in Coach Development?
Travis Crickard, Diane M. Culver and Cassandra M. Seguin
Pages: 261–267

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