International Sport Coaching Journal, Volume: 6, 2019, Issue 1


Process and Outcome Evaluation of a Positive Youth Development-Focused Online Coach Education Course
Fernando Santos, Martin Camiré, Dany J. MacDonald, Henrique Campos, Manuel Conceição, and Ana Silva

Examining the Relationships Between Coaching Practice and Athlete “Outcomes”: A Systematic Review and Critical Realist Critique
Adam J. Nichol, Edward T. Hall, Will Vickery, and Philip R. Hayes

Transformational Leadership and Positive Youth Development in Basketball
Aubrey Newland, Maria Newton, E. Whitney G. Moore, and W. Eric Legg

Coach Burnout: A Scoping Review
Peter Olusoga, Marte Bentzen, and Goran Kentta

Sport Federation Officials’ Practices and National Team Coaches’ Stress
Stiliani Ani Chroni, Frank Abrahamsen, Eivind Skille, and Liv Hemmestad

Coach-Created Talent Development Motivational Climate in Canoe Slalom in the United Kingdom
Stephen Macdonald and Justine Allen


Guidelines for Need-Supportive Coach Development: The Motivation Activation Program in Sports (MAPS)
Hedda Berntsen and Elsa Kristiansen

A Roundtable With College Strength and Conditioning Coaches: Working With Sport Coaches
Andy Gillham, Michael Doscher, Jim Krumpos, Michelle Martin Diltz, Nate Moe, Shepard Allen, and Reese Bridgeman


Coaching in Spain Research on the Sport Coach in Spain: A Systematic Review of Doctoral Theses
Sergio J. Ibáñez, Javier García-Rubio, Antonio Antúnez, and Sebastián Feu


Coaching Games: Comparisons and Contrasts
Amy Price, Dave Collins, John Stoszkowski, and Shane Pill

Research on Positive Youth Development-focused Coach Education Programs: Future Pathways and Applications
Fernando Santos, Daniel Gould, and Leisha Strachan

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