International Sport Coaching Journal, Volume: 4, 2017, Issue 1 

Original Research

A Retrospective Analysis of Trick Progression in Elite Freeskiing and Snowboarding
Tom Willmott and Dave Collins

How Coaching Philosophy Drives Coaching Action: A Case Study of Renowned Wrestling Coach J Robinson
Daniel Gould, Scott Pierce, Ian Cowburn, and Andrew Driska

Youth Sport Coaches’ Perspective on Positive Youth Development and its Worth in Mainstream Coach Education Courses
Fernando Santos, Martin Camiré, Dany J. MacDonald, Henrique Campos, Manuel Conceição, and Patricia Silva

Collaborative Evaluation of Individual and Team Performance in Training and Match Environments Using the Coach Logic Online Platform
Don Vinson, Kelvin Beeching, Michelle Morgan, and Gareth Jones

Cultivating a Community of Practice to Enable Coach Development in Alpine Ski Coaches
Paul Garner and Denise M. Hill

Best Practices

Integrating Mental Skills and Strategies Into Youth Sport Training: A Tool for Coaches
Rebecca A. Zakrajsek, E. Earlynn Lauer, and Kimberly J. Bodey

Coaching in…

Coaching and Coach Education in Russia: Ice Hockey
Vladislav A. Bespomoshchnov and Leonid V. Mikhno


“When There Was No Money in It, There Were No Men in It”: Examining Gender Differences in the Evaluation of High Performance Coaches
Claire Schaeperkoetter, Jonathan Mays, and Jordan R. Bass

Understanding Effective Coaching: A Foucauldian Reading of Current Coach Education Frameworks
Zoe Avner, Pirkko Markula, and Jim Denison

Resource Reviews

Best Practices in Youth Sport
Michael P. Sheridan

Self-Insight: Roadblocks and Detours on the Path to Knowing Thyself
Andrea J. Woodburn

Towards a New Culture of Athletic Success?
Stéphane Couckuyt

Train Ugly
Rodney Scharboneau

Chuck Noll: His Life’s Work
Ted Miller

Volt Athletics Strength and Conditioning Training App
Brian Gearity

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