International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Vol. 58, 2023, No. 1


Open Access
Representations of race/ethnicity and the nation: A content analysis of televised Polish international football
Arne van Liendenand and Jacco van Sterkenburg

Open Access
Racist Stacking in Professional Soccer in Germany
Tina Nobis and Felicia Lazaridou

Black male college athlete identity: A scoping review
Jonathan E. Howe

Open Access
Theorising painkiller (mis)use in football using Bourdieu’s practice theory and physical capital
Daniel Read, Aaron C.T. Smith, and James Skinner

‘If you haven’t got the contacts … you have no choice’: A figurational examination of unpaid work in football scouting in men’s professional football in England
Jacob Griffiths and Daniel Bloyce

Open Access
The meaning of democracy in an era of good governance: Views of representation and their implications for board composition
Cecilia Stenling, Josef Fahlén, Anna-Maria Strittmatter, and Eivind Å. Skille

Corruption in sports: Lessons from Montenegro
Marko Begović

Open Access
Mondains and oblates. Body trajectories in high-level sport
Philippe Longchamp, Marion Braizaz, Amal Tawfik, and Kevin Toffel

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

Sport, gender, and national interest during the Olympics: A comparative analysis of media representations in Central and Eastern Europe
Dunja Antunovic and Sunčica Bartoluci

Examining the fabrics of match-fixing: The underground sport betting system
Chien-Chun Tzeng and Fabien Ohl

Open Access
Female elite sports achievements in Iran. The Case of the First Olympic Medalist
Ali Ziaee, Jacco van Sterkenburg, and Ivo van Hilvoorde

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