International Review for the Sociology of Sport Vol. 49, No. 3–4, June 2014

Special Issue: Sport and Alcohol


Introduction to special issue on sport and alcohol: On the contemporary agenda of research on alcohol within the sociology of sport
Catherine Palmer


Sport and alcohol – who’s missing? New directions for a sociology of sport-related drinking
Catherine Palmer

Alcohol consumption in sportspeople: The role of social cohesion, identity and happiness
Jin Zhou, Kerry S O’Brien, and Derek Heim

Alcohol and community football in Australia
Matthew Nicholson, Russell Hoye, and Kevin M Brown

Adolescent sport participation and alcohol use: The importance of sport organization and the wider social context
Vidar Halldorsson, Thorolfur Thorlindsson, and Inga Dora Sigfusdottir

Learning to get drunk: The importance of drinking in Japanese university sports clubs
Brent McDonald and Kate Sylvester

Drinking with the derby girls: Exploring the hidden ethnography in research of women’s flat track roller derby
Michele K Donnelly

Alcohol consumption among women rugby players in France: Uses of the “third half-time”
Julien Fuchs and Yannick Le Hénaff

The football fan and the pub: An enduring relationship
Kevin Dixon

Alcohol-related player behavioral transgressions: Incidences, fan media responses, and a harm-reduction alternative
Aaron CT Smith, Constantino Stavros, Kate Westberg, Brad Wilson, and Colleen Boyle

Binge drinking and sports participation in college: Patterns among athletes and former athletes
Kyle Green, Toben F Nelson, and Douglas Hartmann

“Drunk and Proud”, from the streets to the stands: America Football Club fans, aguante and alcohol consumption in Mexican football fandom
Sergio Varela

A beer a minute in Texas football: Heavy drinking and the heroizing of the antihero in Friday Night Lights
Robert L Kerr

Recovery from addiction and the potential role of sport: Using a life-course theory to study change
Sarah Landale and Martin Roderick

Alcoholism and recovery: A case study of a former professional footballer
Carwyn Jones

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