International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure Vol. 3, 2020, Issue 2

Original Paper

Open Access
‘We Are Not As Bad as you Think we Are’: Dealing with Diversity and Self-Exclusion in a Youth Football Club
Harrison Esam Awuh, Floor Spijkers
Pages 97-114

The Experiences of Black Participants in Organized Tennis Leagues
James P. Gremillion, Mariela Fernandez, Gregory Ramshaw & Elizabeth D. Baldwin
Pages 115-133

Abandoning Belly Dance: Leaving Female-Dominated Serious Leisure
Rachel Kraus
Pages 135-152

A History of America’s Aversion to Tie Games in Popular Team Sports
Zack Blumberg, Andrei Markovits, Annabel Schnoll
Pages 153-175

Open Access
Costume Play and Young Adults’ Socio-Economic Insertion Pathways in Japan
Alexis H. Truong, Stéphanie Gaudet
Pages 177-196

Changing Representations of Fatherhood through the Lens of Family Leisure Photographs
Parisa Saadat Abadi Nasab, Trudie Walters, Neil Vara

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