International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 16, 2021, Issue 2

Original research

Open Access
Are relative age and biological ages associated with coaches’ evaluations of match performance in male academy soccer players?
Megan Hill, Sam Scott, Darragh McGee, and Sean P Cumming

Open Access
‘Zooming in’ on the antecedents of youth sport coaches’ autonomy-supportive and controlling interpersonal behaviours: a multimethod study
Mark Carroll and Justine Allen

Coaches’ perceived pitfalls in delivering psychological skills training to high-level youth athletes in fencing and football
Niels Boysen Feddersen, Marcus Alexander Bygballe Keis, and Anne-Marie Elbe

Work-related ill- and well-being among Finnish sport coaches: Exploring the relationships between job demands, job resources, burnout and work engagement
Satu S Kaski and Ulla Kinnunen

Perception of social support provided by coaches, optimism/pessimism, and psychological well-being: Gender differences and mediating effect models
Tung-Wei Cnen, Yi-Chuan Chiu, and Yawen Hsu

Dark traits as a potential feature of leadership in the high-performance sports coach
Benjamin G Serpell, Darlene Harrison, Matt Lyons, and Christian J Cook

Servant leadership, leader effectiveness, and the role of political skill: A study of interscholastic sport administrators and coaches
G Matthew Robinson, Marshall J Magnusen, Mitchell Neubert, and Glenn Miller

Open Access
‘Christian sports coaches and servant leadership
Don Vinson and Andrew Parker

Bullseye: Effects of autonomy support and enhanced expectancies on dart throwing
Julian Alexander Wehlmann and Gabriele Wulf

Effect of stance width on posture stability of golfers putting under windy conditions
Chun-Ju Yang, Mu-Lin Tai, Cheng-ming Hu, Joseph Hamill, and Wen-Tzu Tang

How playing area dimension and number of players constrain football performance during unbalanced ball possession games
Nuno André Nunes, Bruno Gonçalves, Diogo Coutinho, Fábio Yuzo Nakamura, and Bruno Travassos

Influence of age and sex on drop jump landing strategies in élite youth soccer players
Simona Lucarno, Matteo Zago, Emanuele Rossi, Simone Muratore, Giulia Baroncini, Giampietro Alberti, and Domenico Gualtieri

Differences in anthropometric and physical performance characteristics between U17, U19, and Senior Irish female international football players
Brian Doyle, Declan Browne, and Dan Horan

Does competition standard and player position influence the match-play physical demands of Australian elite youth male soccer players within a single squad?
Michael G Sydney, Nick Ball, Dale Chapman, Martin Wollin, and Jocelyn K Mara

Comparison of different measures to monitor week-to-week changes in training load in high school runners
Megan R Ryan, Christopher Napier, Daniel Greenwood, and Max R Paquette

Inertial measurement units are ‘all g’: Inter-trial reliability when assessing upper and lower body impact loading in artistic gymnastics
Rhiannon A Campbell, Elizabeth J Bradshaw, Nick Ball, Adam Hunter, and Wayne Spratford

Quantifying jump-specific loads in beach volleyball by an inertial measurement device
Marcus Schmidt, Eike Meyer, and Thomas Jaitner

Effective playing time in the Chinese Super League
Yangqing Zhao and Hui Zhang

Open Access
Sanctioning of breakdown infringements during the knockout stage of the 2019 rugby world cup
Scott Mitchell and Gregory J Tierney

Open Access
Does tackle height influence offload success in rugby union? Analysis from the 2019 Rugby World Cup
Joshua Amayo and Gregory J Tierney


Tackle and ruck technical proficiency in rugby union and rugby league: A systematic scoping review
Steve Den Hollander, Chanda Ponce, Michael Lambert, Ben Jones, and Sharief Hendricks

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