International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 11, 2016, Issue 6

Original research

Leading from the top or leading from within? A comparison between coaches’ and athletes’ leadership as predictors of team identification, team confidence, and team cohesion
Katrien Fransen, Steven Decroos, Gert Vande Broek, and Filip Boen

Perceptions of emotional abuse in the coach–athlete relationship in youth sport: The influence of competitive level and outcome
Misia Gervis, Daniel Rhind, and Amber Luzar

Children’s perspectives on the effectiveness of the Playing for Life philosophy in an afterschool sports program
Fiona CM Ling, Andrea Farrow, Damian Farrow, Jason Berry, and Remco CJ Polman

Testing the moderating effect of the perceived importance of the coach on the relationship between perceived coaching feedback and athletes’ perceptions of competence
Anthony J Amorose and Wendy Nolan-Sellers

Video-based perceptual training as a method to improve reactive agility performance in rugby union players
Louise Engelbrecht, Elmarie Terblanche, and Karen E Welman

Does modifying competition affect the frequency of technical skills in junior rugby league?
David Morley, Paul Ogilvie, Kevin Till, Martyn Rothwell, Wayne Cotton, Donna O’Connor, and Jim McKenna

Technical attributes of Australian youth soccer players: Implications for talent identification
Brad S Keller, Annette J Raynor, Lyndell Bruce, and Fiona Iredale

The observational analysis of elite coaches within youth soccer: The importance of performance analysis
Scott B Nicholls and Paul R Worsfold

Influence of acoustic feedback on boat speed and crew synchronization in elite junior rowing
Nina Schaffert and Klaus Mattes

The relationship between physical match performance and 48-h post-game creatine kinase concentrations in English Premier League soccer players
A Scott, JJ Malone, R Morgans, D Burgess, W Gregson, JP Morton, and B Drust

The running performance and estimated energy cost of hurling specific small-sided games
Shane Malone, Kieran D Collins, and Dominic A Doran

Research notes

Development of the Assessment of Coach Emotions systematic observation instrument: A tool to evaluate coaches’ emotions in the youth sport context
Veronica Allan, Jennifer Turnnidge, Matthew Vierimaa, Paul Davis, and Jean Côté

Validity and reliability of a 3-axis accelerometer for measuring weightlifting movements
Francisco J Flores, Silvia Sedano, Ana M de Benito, and Juan C Redondo

Training intensity distribution in young tennis players
Alexandre Moreira, Rodrigo V Gomes, Caroline D Capitani, Charles R Lopes, Audrei R Santos, and Marcelo S Aoki


Describing and classifying coach development programmes: A synthesis of empirical research and applied practice
Jordan S Lefebvre, M Blair Evans, Jennifer Turnnidge, Heather L Gainforth, and Jean Côté

The influence of coaches’ leadership styles on athletes’ satisfaction and team cohesion: A meta-analytic approach
Hyun-Duck Kim and Angelita B Cruz

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