International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching Volume 10, Issue 1, February 2015

Simon Jenkins
pp. iii–iii

The Effect of Ball Carrying on the Sprinting Speed of International Rugby Union Players
Matthew J. Barr, Jeremy M. Sheppard, Tim J. Gabbett, Robert U. Newton
pp. 1–10
Keywords: Acceleration, Maximal Sprinting Velocity, Rugby Football, Speed Testing, Strength and Conditioning

Fatigue Induced by Repeated Maximal Efforts is Specific to the Rugby Task Performed
Baptiste Morel, David M. Rouffet, David J. Bishop, Samuel J. Rota, Christophe A. Hautier
pp. 11–20
Keywords: Blood Lactate, Electromyography, EMG, Mauling, Rugby Football, Scrummaging, Repeated Sprinting Ability, Strength and Conditioning

Decision Support for Evaluating Player Performance in Rugby Union
Jon M. Calder, Ian N. Durbach
pp. 21–38
Keywords: Performance Analysis, Player Evaluation, Rugby Football, Sport Analytics

Sprinting Activities and Distance Covered by Top Level Europa League Soccer Players
Marcin Andrzejewski, Jan Chmura, Beata Pluta, Jan M. Konarski
pp. 39–50
Keywords: Association Football, Kinematic Match Analysis, Maximal Running Speed Performance Analysis, Sport Analytics, Sprinting Distance

Exercise Performance and Recovery of Muslim Endurance Athletes During Ramadan Fasting
Konstantinos Havenetidis
pp. 51–68
Keywords: Dietary Modification, Military Fitness, Perceived Exertion, Periodisation, Training Recovery

The Relationship Between Physical Motor Skills, Gender and Relative Age Effects in Young Austrian Alpine Ski Racers
Lisa Müller, Erich Müller, Elmar Kornexl, Christian Raschner
pp. 69–86
Keywords: Jump Agility, Ski Boarding Schools, Skill Testing, Strength, Talent Selection, Youth Sport

Gender Differences In The Spatial Distributions Of The Tennis Serve
Hazuan Hizan, Peter Whipp, Machar Reid
pp. 87–96
Keywords: Performance Analysis, Sport Analytics, Youth Tennis

Effects of an Extrinsic Constraint on the Tennis Serve,
Pedro C. Mendes, Micael Santos Couceiro, Rúben Rocha, Filipe Manuel Clemente, Fernando Manuel Lourenço Martins, Rui Manuel Mendes, Juan Pedro Fuentes García
pp. 97–110
Keywords: Induced Aerodynamic Flow, Tennis Racket Motion, Variability, Wind Speed

Determining the Structure and Evaluating the Role of Technical-Tactical Elements in Basic Table Tennis Playing Systems
Goran Munivrana, Gordana Furjan-Mandić, Miran Kondrič
pp. 111–132
Keywords: Expert Knowledge, Performance Analysis, Sport Analytics, Table Tennis Technique

Relationships Between Field Tests of Power and Athletic Performance in Track and Field Athletes Specializing in Power Events
Kazuhiro Aoki, Yoshimitsu Kohmura, Kazuhiko Sakuma, Kazunori Koshikawa, Hisashi Naito
pp. 133–144
Keywords: Jumping, IAAF Scoring Table, Sprinting, Throwing, Varsity Track and Field

Perceptions of Top-Level Judo Coaches on Training and Performance
Luis Santos, Javier Fernández-Río, Ramdane Almansba, Stanislaw Sterkowicz, Mike Callan
pp. 145–158
Keywords: Coaches’ Beliefs, Judo Techniques, Martial Arts, Tactical Skills, Training Methods

Agility and Change-of-Direction Speed are Independent Skills: Implications for Training for Agility in Invasion Sports
Warren B. Young, Brian Dawson, Greg J. Henry
pp. 159–169
Keywords: Agility Tests, Decision Making, Perceptions, Reactive Strength, Small-Sided Games, Sprint Training

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