International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 15, 2020, No. 6


The Placebo Effect in Sport: How Practitioners Can Inject Words to Improve Performance
Bart Roelands and Philip Hurst
Pages: 765–766


High-Intensity Interval Training Prescription for Combat-Sport Athletes
Emerson Franchini
Pages: 767–776


A Complex Relationship: Sleep, External Training Load, and Well-Being in Elite Australian Footballers
Benita J. Lalor, Shona L. Halson, Jacqueline Tran, Justin G. Kemp and Stuart J. Cormack
Pages: 777–787

Individualized Training Based on Force–Velocity Profiling During Jumping in Ballet Dancers
Juan A. Escobar Álvarez, Juan P. Fuentes García, Filipe A. Da Conceição and Pedro Jiménez-Reyes
Pages: 788–794

A Novel Tool for the Assessment of Sport Climbers’ Movement Performance
Nicola Taylor, David Giles, Micha Panáčková, James Mitchell, Joel Chidley and Nick Draper
Pages: 795–800

No Influence of Prematch Subjective Wellness Ratings on External Load During Elite Australian Football Match Play
Phillip M. Bellinger, Cameron Ferguson, Tim Newans and Clare L. Minahan
Pages: 801–807

Exercise Time and Intensity: How Much Is Too Much?
Jinger S. Gottschall, Joshua J. Davis, Bryce Hastings and Heather J. Porter
Pages: 808–815

Maximal Fully Tethered Swim Performance in Para Swimmers With Physical Impairment
Luke Hogarth, Brendan Burkett, Peter Van de Vliet and Carl Payton
Pages: 816–824

Combined Effect of Number of Players and Dribbling on Game-Based-Drill Demands in Basketball
Davide Ferioli, Diego Rucco, Ermanno Rampinini, Antonio La Torre, Marco M. Manfredi and Daniele Conte
Pages: 825–832

Impairment of Thermoregulation and Performance via Mild Dehydration in Ice Hockey Goaltenders
Devin G. McCarthy, Kate A. Wickham, Tyler F. Vermeulen, Danielle L. Nyman, Shane Ferth, Jamie M. Pereira, Dennis J. Larson, Jamie F. Burr and Lawrence L. Spriet
Pages: 833–840

Relationships Between External- and Internal-Workload Variables in an Elite Female Netball Team and Between Playing Positions
Marni J. Simpson, David G. Jenkins, Aaron T. Scanlan and Vincent G. Kelly
Pages: 841–846

Do Athlete Monitoring Tools Improve a Coach’s Understanding of Performance Change?
Stephen Crowcroft, Katie Slattery, Erin McCleave and Aaron J. Coutts
Pages: 847–852

Determination of Submaximal and Maximal Training Zones From a 3-Stage, Variable-Duration, Perceptually Regulated Track Test
Claire A. Molinari, Florent Palacin, Luc Poinsard and Véronique L. Billat
Pages: 853–861

Comparison of 1-Repetition-Maximum Performance Across 3 Weightlifting Overhead Pressing Exercises and Sport Groups
Marcos A. Soriano, Amador García-Ramos, Antonio Torres-González, Joaquín Castillo-Palencia, Pedro J. Marín, Pilar Sainz de Baranda and Paul Comfort
Pages: 862–867

Does Physical Fitness Predict Future Karate Success? A Study in Young Female Karatekas
Óscar Martínez de Quel, Ignacio Ara, Mikel Izquierdo and Carlos Ayán
Pages: 868–873

Improved Physical Performance and Decreased Muscular and Oxidative Damage With Postlunch Napping After Partial Sleep Deprivation in Athletes
Mohamed Romdhani, Nizar Souissi, Yassine Chaabouni, Kacem Mahdouani, Tarak Driss, Karim Chamari and Omar Hammouda
Pages: 874–883

Pole Length’s Influence on Performance During Classic-Style Snow Skiing in Well-Trained Cross-Country Skiers
Erik Trøen, Bjarne Rud, Øyvind Karlsson, Camilla Høivik Carlsen, Matthias Gilgien, Gøran Paulsen, Ola Kristoffer Tosterud and Thomas Losnegard
Pages: 884–891


Core Temperature Responses to Elite Racewalking Competition
Christopher John Stevens, Megan L. Ross, Julien D. Périard, Brent S. Vallance and Louise M. Burke
Pages: 892–895

Validity of a Smartphone Application and Chest Strap for Recording RR Intervals at Rest in Athletes
Reabias de A. Pereira, José Luiz de B. Alves, João Henrique da C. Silva, Matheus da S. Costa and Alexandre S. Silva
Pages: 896–899

Effects of Foot-Strike Patterns on Biomarkers S100 Calcium-Binding Protein B/Neuron-Specific Enolase in Running—A Pilot Study
Jan Schroeder, Franziska Erthel and Karsten Hollander
Pages: 900–902

Affective Feelings and Perceived Exertion During a 10-km Time Trial and Head-to-Head Running Race
Everton C. do Carmo, Renato Barroso, Andrew Renfree, Natalia R. da Silva, Saulo Gil and Valmor Tricoli
Pages: 903–906


Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio: Conceptual Issues and Fundamental Pitfalls
Franco M. Impellizzeri, Matthew S. Tenan, Tom Kempton, Andrew Novak and Aaron J. Coutts
Pages: 907–913

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