International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 14, 2019, No. 9


Open access
Exercise and Sport Science Failing by Design in Understanding Female Athletes
Sophia Nimphius
Pages: 1157–1158


Prediction Equations for Marathon Performance: A Systematic Review
Alison Keogh, Barry Smyth, Brian Caulfield, Aonghus Lawlor, Jakim Berndsen and Cailbhe Doherty
Pages: 1159–1169


The Effects of 3 Different Doses of Caffeine on Jumping and Throwing Performance: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Crossover Study
Filip Sabol, Jozo Grgic and Pavle Mikulic
Pages: 1170–1177

No Improvement in Running Time to Exhaustion at 100% VO2max in Recreationally Active Male Runners With a Preexercise Single-Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse
Luana T. Rossato, Camila T.M. Fernandes, Públio F. Vieira, Flávia M.S. de Branco, Paula C. Nahas, Guilherme M. Puga and Erick P. de Oliveira
Pages: 1178–1183

Predicting On-Ice Skating Using Laboratory- and Field-Based Assessments in College Ice Hockey Players
Patrick Delisle-Houde, Nathan A. Chiarlitti, Ryan E.R. Reid and Ross E. Andersen
Pages: 1184–1189

Open access
Double-Poling Physiology and Kinematics of Elite Cross-Country Skiers: Specialized Long-Distance Versus All-Round Skiers
Øyvind Skattebo, Thomas Losnegard and Hans Kristian Stadheim
Pages: 1190–1199

Interday Reliability and Usefulness of a Reactive Strength Index Derived From 2 Maximal Rebound Jump Tests
Thomas M. Comyns, Eamonn P. Flanagan, Sean Fleming, Evan Fitzgerald and Damian J. Harper
Pages: 1200–1204

The Effects of Augmented Feedback on Sprint, Jump, and Strength Adaptations in Rugby Union Players After a 4-Week Training Program
Jonathon Weakley, Kevin Till, John Sampson, Harry Banyard, Cedric Leduc, Kyle Wilson, Greg Roe and Ben Jones
Pages: 1205–1211

Limiting the Rise in Core Temperature During a Rugby Sevens Warm-Up With an Ice Vest
Lee Taylor, Christopher J. Stevens, Heidi R. Thornton, Nick Poulos and Bryna C.R. Chrismas
Pages: 1212–1218

Effects of Playing Surface on Physical, Physiological, and Perceptual Responses to a Repeated-Sprint Ability Test: Natural Grass Versus Artificial Turf
Achraf Ammar, Stephen J. Bailey, Omar Hammouda, Khaled Trabelsi, Nabil Merzigui, Kais El Abed, Tarak Driss, Anita Hökelmann, Fatma Ayadi, Hamdi Chtourou, Adnen Gharbi and Mouna Turki
Pages: 1219–1226

On-Ice Physical Demands of World-Class Women’s Ice Hockey: From Training to Competition
Adam Douglas, Michael A. Rotondi, Joseph Baker, Veronica K. Jamnik and Alison K. Macpherson
Pages: 1227–1232

Alternate-Day Low Energy Availability During Spring Classics in Professional Cyclists
Ida A. Heikura, Marc Quod, Nicki Strobel, Roger Palfreeman, Rita Civil and Louise M. Burke
Pages: 1233–1243

Development of an On-Water Graded Exercise Test for Flat-Water Sprint Kayak Athletes
Chelsie E. Winchcombe, Martyn J. Binnie, Matthew M. Doyle, Cruz Hogan and Peter Peeling
Pages: 1244–1249

Muscle Activation Patterns Correlate With Race Walking Economy in Elite Race Walkers: A Waveform Analysis
Josu Gomez-Ezeiza, Jordan Santos-Concejero, Jon Torres-Unda, Brian Hanley and Nicholas Tam
Pages: 1250–1255

A Comparison of 3 Different Unilateral Strength Training Strategies to Enhance Jumping Performance and Decrease Interlimb Asymmetries in Soccer Players
Oliver Gonzalo-Skok, Alejandro Moreno-Azze, José Luis Arjol-Serrano, Julio Tous-Fajardo and Chris Bishop
Pages: 1256–1264

The Effects of Long Sprint Ability–Oriented Small-Sided Games Using Different Ratios of Players to Pitch Area on Internal and External Load in Soccer Players
Carlo Castagna, Stefano D’Ottavio, Stefano Cappelli and Susana Cristina Araújo Póvoas
Pages: 1265–1272

An Analysis of Variability in Power Output During Indoor and Outdoor Cycling Time Trials
Owen Jeffries, Mark Waldron, Stephen D. Patterson and Brook Galna
Pages: 1273–1279

Acute Responses to On-Court Repeated-Sprint Training Performed With Blood Flow Restriction Versus Systemic Hypoxia in Elite Badminton Athletes
Pedro L. Valenzuela, Guillermo Sánchez-Martínez, Elaia Torrontegi, Javier Vázquez-Carrión, Manuela González, Zigor Montalvo and Grégoire P. Millet
Pages: 1280–1287

Exploring the Efficacy of a Safe Cryotherapy Alternative: Physiological Temperature Changes From Cold-Water Immersion Versus Prolonged Cooling of Phase-Change Material
Susan Y. Kwiecien, Malachy P. McHugh, Stuart Goodall, Kirsty M. Hicks, Angus M. Hunter and Glyn Howatson
Pages: 1288–1296

Open access
Improvement of Lipids and Reduction of Oxidative Stress With Octacosanol After Taekwondo Training
Sang-Ho Lee, Steven D. Scott, Elizabeth J. Pekas, Jeong-Gi Lee and Song-Young Park
Pages: 1297–1303


Visualizing the Complexity of the Athlete-Monitoring Cycle Through Principal-Component Analysis
Dan Weaving, Clive Beggs, Nicholas Dalton-Barron, Ben Jones and Grant Abt
Pages: 1304–1310

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