International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 13, 2018, No. 4


The Race Has Begun! But How to Learn How to Race and Pace?
Florentina J. Hettinga


Caffeine and Physiological Responses to Submaximal Exercise: A Meta-Analysis
Mark Glaister and Conor Gissane


Training-Related Changes in Force–Power Profiles: Implications for the Skeleton Start
Steffi L. Colyer, Keith A. Stokes, James L.J. Bilzon, Danny Holdcroft, and Aki I.T. Salo

On the Importance of “Front-Side Mechanics” in Athletics Sprinting
Thomas Haugen, Jørgen Danielsen, Leif Olav Alnes, David McGhie, Øyvind Sandbakk, and Gertjan Ettema

Changes in Choice Reaction Time During and After 8 Days Exhaustive Cycling Are Not Related to Changes in Physical Performance
Twan ten Haaf, Selma van Staveren, Danilo Iannetta, Bart Roelands, Romain Meeusen, Maria F. Piacentini, Carl Foster, Leo Koenderman, Hein A.M. Daanen, and Jos J. de Koning

The Influence of Rotations on Match Running Performance in Female Australian Football Midfielders
Georgia M. Black, Tim J. Gabbett, Richard D. Johnston, Geraldine Naughton, Michael H. Cole, and Brian Dawson

The Use of Relative Speed Zones in Australian Football: Are We Really Measuring What We Think We Are?
Nick B. Murray, Tim J. Gabbett, and Andrew D. Townshend

Pacing Strategy and Tactical Positioning During Cyclo-Cross Races
Arthur H. Bossi, Ciaran O’Grady, Richard Ebreo, Louis Passfield, and James G. Hopker

Weight Management Practices of Australian Olympic Combat Sport Athletes
Reid Reale, Gary Slater, and Louise M. Burke

Reliability of Wearable Inertial Measurement Units to Measure Physical Activity in Team Handball
Live S. Luteberget, Benjamin R. Holme, and Matt Spencer

Feasibility of the 2-Point Method for Determining the 1-Repetition Maximum in the Bench Press Exercise
Amador García-Ramos, Guy Gregory Haff, Francisco Luis Pestaña-Melero, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Francisco Javier Rojas, Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández, and Slobodan Jaric

Influence of Different Inertial Loads on Basic Training Variables During the Flywheel Squat Exercise
Rafael Sabido, Jose Luis Hernández-Davó, and Gabriel T. Pereyra-Gerber

Pneumatic Compression Fails to Improve Performance Recovery in Trained Cyclists
Ryan G. Overmayer and Matthew W. Driller

The Specificity of Rugby Union Training Sessions in Preparation for Match Demands
Patrick G. Campbell, Jonathan M. Peake, and Geoffrey M. Minett

Perception of Breakfast Ingestion Enhances High-Intensity Cycling Performance
Stephen A. Mears, Kathryn Dickinson, Kurt Bergin-Taylor, Reagan Dee, Jack Kay, and Lewis J. James

Mental Fatigue and Physical and Cognitive Performance During a 2-Bout Exercise Test
Susan Vrijkotte, Romain Meeusen, Cloe Vandervaeren, Luk Buyse, Jeroen van Cutsem, Nathalie Pattyn, and Bart Roelands

Rating of Perceived Exertion During Concentric and Eccentric Cycling: Are We Measuring Effort or Exertion?
Luis Peñailillo, Karen Mackay, and Chris R. Abbiss

The Influence of Physical Qualities on Activity Profiles of Female Australian Football Match Play
Georgia M. Black, Tim J. Gabbett, Rich D. Johnston, Michael H. Cole, Geraldine Naughton, and Brian Dawson


Nature Versus Nurture: Have Performance Gaps Between Men and Women Reached an Asymptote?
Mindy Millard-Stafford, Ann E. Swanson, and Matthew T. Wittbrodt

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