International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, Vol 23, 2022, No 5 | Sport Management, Marketing, and Innovation


Guest editorial: Sport management, marketing and innovation
Manuel Alonso Dos Santos, Ferran Calabuig Moreno, María Huertas González-Serrano

Innovation from sport’s entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship: opportunities from a systematic review
Alejandro Lara-Bocanegra, M. Rocío Bohórquez, Jerónimo García-Fernández

Rethinking dual careers: success factors for career transition of professional football players and the role of sport entrepreneurship
Ana Sofia Ramos, Jonas Hammerschmidt, Antonio Sérgio Ribeiro, Francisco Lima, Sascha Kraus

Sport federations’ organizational innovativeness: an empirical comparison of characteristics and attitudes
Joris Corthouts, Géraldine Zeimers, Kobe Helsen, Camille Demeulemeester, Thomas Könecke, Thierry Zintz, Jeroen Scheerder

Sports event portfolios: an innovative tool and a new management paradigm
Jesyca Salgado-Barandela, Angel Barajas, Patricio Sanchez-Fernandez

(Dis)Innovative digital strategy in professional sport: examining sponsor leveraging through social media
Brandon Mastromartino, Michael L. Naraine

Game play and the effectiveness of sponsor signage: visual attention to brand messages in live sport broadcasts
Felix Boronczyk, Christopher Rumpf, Christoph Breuer

(Shutterstock/Viktoriia Hnatiuk)

The use of fitness centre apps and its relation to customer satisfaction: a UTAUT2 perspective
Helena Ferreira Barbosa, Jerónimo García-Fernández, Vera Pedragosa, Gabriel Cepeda-Carrion

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