International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Volume 3, Issue 3, 2012

Special issue: The impacts and legacies of sports events


The economic impact of the Comrades Marathon
Authors: Melville Saayman, Andrea Saayman

Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Event management, Local economies, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM), South Africa, Sport tourism, Sporting events, Tourism, Ultra-marathon
Page Numbers: 220 – 235
Year: 2012

Host population perceptions of the social impacts of sport tourism events in transition countries: Evidence from Croatia
Authors: Ljudevit Pranic, Lidija Petric, Liljana Cetinic
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Croatia, Events, Handball, Resident perceptions, Social impacts, Sport tourism, Sports, Tourism, Transition countries
Page Numbers: 236 – 256
Year: 2012

The inspirational effects of three major sport events
Authors: Girish M. Ramchandani, Richard J. Coleman
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Event impact evaluation, Inspiration, Participation legacy, Sport development, Sporting events, Sports, United Kingdom
Page Numbers: 257 – 271
Year: 2012

Determinants of volunteer motivation and their impact on future voluntary engagement: A comparison of volunteer’s motivation at sport events in equestrian and handball
Authors: Kirstin Hallmann, Gesine Harms
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Equestrian sports, Mass participation, Motivation, Multi-group analysis, Sporting events
Page Numbers: 272 – 291
Year: 2012

A neglected legacy: Examining the challenges and potential for sport tourism development in post-Olympic Athens
Authors: Vassilios Ziakas, Nikolaos Boukas
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Destination capitals, Greece, Olympic legacy, Post-event leverage, Post-Games Olympic tourism, Sport tourism development, Sports, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Tourism, Tourism policy
Page Numbers: 292 – 316
Year: 2012

Leveraging tourism social capital: the case of the 2010 Olympic tourism consortium
Authors: Peter W. Williams, Aliaa Elkhashab
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Canada, Legacy momentum, Olympic Games, Social capital, Sporting events, Tourism
Page Numbers: 317 – 334
Year: 2012

The Olympics – The Basics

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