Gratis bok om idrott, våld och barns rättigheter

Från Celia Brackenridge kommer detta brev:

Dear colleagues,

This book is a free download. Kindly send on to any contacts and or students who you think might find it useful. Many thanks, Celia

Sport, Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention: A Sourcebook on Global Issues and Local Programmes (2008 and 2012) Celia Brackenridge, Tess Kay and Daniel Rhind (Eds) Brunel University London. 203 pages. ISBN: 978-1-908549-07-5

Enquiries to: Dr Daniel Rhind

UNICEF has been a strong advocate of children’s right to leisure and play. It recognizes the intrinsic value sports have in promoting the child’s health and well-being, education and development, and social inclusion. This book, comprising 38 chapters by 44 authors, provides an expanded set of evidence and resources to back up the 2010 report from the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre in Florence, Italy – Protecting Children from Violence in Sport: A review with a focus on industrialized countries. The book is the second on the subject of child athlete welfare edited by staff from the Brunel Centre for Sport, Health and Wellbeing. The first, entitled Elite Child Athlete Welfare:International perspectives (2010) is also available as a free download at

Celia Brackenridge OBE
Professorial Research Fellow (Sport Sciences)
School of Sport and Education
Brunel University London

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