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Katarina Schenker is senior lecturer in sport sciences at Linnaeus University in Sweden. Her research interests concern inclusion and exclusion of children and youth in PE, as well as in the state funded Swedish sports movement. Her research pinpoints how and why teachers’ presumptions and teaching logics act excluding for some children and youth. Additionally, she investigates the relationship between sport and social entrepreneurship in the context of the Swedish sport model and Swedish sport policy. Some of her recent publications are «Health(y) Education in Health and Physical Education», Sport, education and society (2016); «The doxa of PETE – Set in stone?», European Physical Education Review (with Larsson & Linnér, 2016); «Teaching physical activity – a matter of health and equality?», Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research (2017); KIOSK – Idrott och socialt entreprenörskap (with Tomas Peterson, Malmö: Bokbox 2015).
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