Forskarprofil | Kenneth Aggerholm, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences


  • PhD, Assiate Professor



  • Humanistisk idrætsteori, idrætsfilosofi, pædagogik, talentudvikling, handicapidræt

Pågående projekt

  • ‘Human Practising – in Physical Education, Sport and Rehabilitation’

Publikationer i urval

Aggerholm, K., (forthcoming 2014). Why Become an Elite Athlete? Existential Approaches to Talent Development in Sport, London: Routledge
Ronglan, L.T. & Aggerholm, K, (2014), ‘Humour helps’: Elite sports coaching as a balancing act, Sports Coaching Review
Aggerholm, K., 2013, Elite-Bildung. An Existential-Phenomenological Study of Talents Developing in Football. PhD-dissertation, Department of Sport Science, Aarhus University.
Aggerholm, K. 2013. Express Yourself: The Value of Theatricality in Soccer. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 40(2), 205-224
Ronglan, L.T. & Aggerholm, K., 2013, Humour and sports coaching: A laughing matter? In Potrac, Paul A., et al. (eds.) Handbook of Sports Coaching, 222-234, London: Routledge
Aggerholm, K., & Ronglan, L. T. 2012, Having The Last Laugh: The Value of Humour in Invasion Games. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 6(3), 336–352
Aggerholm, K., Jespersen, E. & Ronglan, L.T., 2011, Falling for the Feint – an Existential Investigation of a Creative Performance in High-Level Football. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 5(3), 343–358


Ethical Expertise, Phronesis and Moral Education: Special Issue of Moving Bodies, No. 2 2006 Vol. 4 Ejgil Jespersen, Matti Goksøyr & Lars Tore Ronglan (red) Oslo: Norges Idrettshøgskole 2006 (recension 071024)
Research Ethics in Exercise, Health and Sports Sciences Mike McNamee, Steve Olivier & Paul Wainwright Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2007 (recension 080206)
Ethics, Dis/Ability and Sports Ejgil Jespersen & Mike McNamee (red) Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2009 (recension 100310)
The Bloomsbury Companion to the Philosophy of Sport Cesar R. Torres (red) London: Bloomsbury 2014 (recension 141017)
Practising movement at home: An idea for meaningful remote teaching in physical education (feature article, with Dean Barker, Håkan Larsson & Øyvind Førland Standal, 210521)

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