Sport scholar profile | Anna-Maria Strittmatter, Örebro universitet


  • Senior Lecturer

Contact information

  • School of Health Sciences, Örebro University, SE-701 82 Örebr
  • Telefon +46 19 303000
  • E-mail

Research interests

  • Sport governance, youth sports, self-organized sports, event management

Current projects

  • Youth participation and codetermination in Norwegian sports
  • Stakeholders in youth sports and self-organized sports
  • Olympic legacy – the legacy and effects in connection with Olympic events in Norway

Selected publications

Lindsey, I., Strittmatter, A.-M., O’Gormann, J., Hayden, J. (2023). Two decades of Youth Sport Policy Research: An Augmented Scoping Review and Synthesis Coaching Children and Youth Sport Policy: a systematic literature review. European Sport Management Quarterly.
Säfvenbom, R., Strittmatter, A. M., & Bernhardsen, G. P. (2023). Developmental Outcomes for Young People Participating in Informal and Lifestyle Sports: A Scoping Review of the Literature, 2000–2020.Social Sciences, 12(5), 299.
Skille, E. Å., Strittmatter, A. M., Stenling, C., & Fahlén, J. (2023). Private football academies—friend or foe? An analysis of Norwegian media’s framing of arguments about private football academies and the monopoly of organized sport. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 10126902231164903.
Stenling, C., Fahlén, J., Strittmatter, A. M., & Skille, E. Å. (2023). The meaning of democracy in an era of good governance: Views of representation and their implications for board composition. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 58(1), 108-125.
Stenling, C., Fahlén, J., Strittmatter, A. M., & Skille, E. Å. (2023). The gatekeepers of sport governance–nomination committees’ shaping potential in national sport organizations’ board composition processes. European Sport Management Quarterly, 23(2), 586-603.
Strittmatter, A.-M., Lindsey, I.O’Gormon, J., Hayden, J. (2023). Coaching Children and Youth Sport Policy: a systematic literature review. In M. Toms & R. Jeanes (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Coaching Children in Sport, 395-404.
Hanstad, D. V. & Strittmatter, A.-M. (2022). En bærekraftig idrettsorganisasjon: Lang vei fra vedtak til implementering. In A. Tjønndal et al. (Eds.) Bærekraft i idrett og friluftsliv, 121-138. Universitetsforlaget
Strittmatter, A. M., Houlihan, B., & Fahlén, J. (2022). Insights Gained from Employing Stakeholder Theory in Analyses of the Sport Environment. In Stakeholder analysis and sport organisations London:Routledge.
Houlihan, B., & Strittmatter, A. M. (2022). Stakeholding and youth sport in England and Norway. In Stakeholder analysis and sport organisations London: Routledge.
Strittmatter, A.-M., Fahlen, J & Houlihan B, (2022) Stakeholder analysis and sport organisations London: Routledge.
Hanstad, D. V., Sand, M. R. & Strittmatter, A.-M (2021). Idrett og bærekraft. Perspektiver på miljø- og samfunnsansvar i idrettens organisasjoner. Oslo: Fagbokforlaget
Skille, E. Å., & Strittmatter, A. M. (2021). Stakeholder relationships in the work of anti-doping. In Stakeholder Analysis and Sport Organisations, 59. London: Routledge.
Stenling, C., Fahlén, J., Strittmatter, A. M., & Skille, E. Å. (2021). Gate-keeping nonprofit governance: evaluative criteria and their rankings in nomination committee selection processes. In Research Handbook on Nonprofit Governance. Edward Elgar Publishing, p.  s. 279-293.
Skille, E. Å., Fahlén, J., Stenling, C., & Strittmatter, A. M. (2021). Dørvakter til særforbundsstyrer–valgkomitérepresentanters syn påseleksjonskriterier og kjønnsbalanse. In Tjønndal (ed.) Idrett, kjønn og ledelse. Fagbokforlaget.
Adam, S., Grønkjær, A. B., Strittmatter, A. M., & Wohlfart, O. (2022). Playing by the rules of academia? The impact of an international research project on the professional identity development of early-career academics in sport management. International Journal of Educational Research Open3, 100173.
Skille, E. Å., Fahlén, J., Stenling, C., & Strittmatter, A. M. (2022). (Lack of) government policy for indigenous (Sámi) sport: A chain of legitimating and de-legitimating acts. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 57(1), 112-128.
Strittmatter, A. M., Hanstad, D. V., & Skirstad, B. (2021). Facilitating Sustainable Outcomes for the Organization of Youth Sports through Youth Engagement. Sustainability, 13(4), 2101.
Strittmatter, A.-M., Skirstad, B. & Sogn, H. (2021) Gender Gap Identification and Analysis. PROmoting GendeR Equality in Sports / PROGRES: Norwegian Fotball Association: Oslo.
Strittmatter, A. M. (2020). Ung medbestemmelse i norsk idrett: Evaluerings-og utredningsarbeid om barrierene og behovene for å øke ung medbestemmelse i særforbund og idrettskretser. Oslo: Norges idrettshøgskole / Norges idrettsforbund
Bodemar, Annika; Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Fahlen, Josef. Doomed to fail? A study of how junior managers at a major sport event cope with leadership issues. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing 2020 ;Volum 20.(3-4) s. 271-288
Wohlfart, Olivia; Adam, Sandy; García-Unanue, Jorge; Hovemann, Gregor; Skirstad, Berit; Strittmatter, Anna-Maria. Internationalization of the Sport Management Labor Market and Curriculum Perspectives: Insights From Germany, Norway, and Spain. Sport Management Education Journal 2020 s. –
Stenling, Cecilia; Fahlen, Josef; Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Skille, Eivind Åsrum.
Hierarchies of criteria in NSO board-nomination processes: insights from nomination committees’ work. European Sport Management Quarterly 2019 s. –
Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Parent, Milena. Youth Sport Events and Festivals. I: International Sport Management. Human Kinetics 2019 ISBN 978-1-4925-5678-7. s. 227-243
Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Kilvinger, Boris; Bodemar, Annika; Skille, Eivind; Kurscheidt, Markus. Dual governance structures in action sports: institutionalization processes of professional snowboarding revisited. Sport in Society 2018 s. 1-19
Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Stenling, Cecilia; Fahlen, Josef; Skille, Eivind.
Sport policy analysis revisited: the sport policy process as an interlinked chain of legitimating acts. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics 2018 ;Volume 10.(4) s. 621-635
Lesjø, Jon Helge; Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Hanstad, Dag Vidar. Patterns of influence: relationship with the IOC as seen by the organisers of the Youth Olympic Winter Games 2016. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing 2017 ;Volum 17.(4-6) s. 331-350
Sand, Trond Svela; Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Hanstad, Dag Vidar.
2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games: planning for a volunteer legacy. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing 2017; Volum 17.(4-6) s. 242-260
Strittmatter, Anna-Maria. A neo-institutionalist analysis of sport event leveraging strategies and tactics. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing 2017; Volum 17.(4/5/6) s. 261-282
Strittmatter, Anna-Maria. For, med og av ungdom? : utdanning av unge ledere. I: Ungdoms-OL på Lillehammer: Barneskirenn eller olympisk innovasjon?. Akilles forlag 2017 ISBN 9788272862564. s. 205-226
Strittmatter, Anna-MariaLegitimation Processes of Sport Organizations : The Case of Norwegian Youth Sport Policy and the 2016 Lillehammer Winter Youth Olympic Games. Oslo: Norges idrettshøgskole 2017 (ISBN 978-82-502-0536-9) 210 s.
Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Skille, Eivind Åsrum. Boosting youth sport? Implementation of Norwegian youth sport policy through the 2016 Lillehammer Winter Youth Olympic Games. Sport in Society 2017 ;Volum 20.(1) s. 144-160
Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Skirstad, Berit. Managing football organizations: a man’s world? Comparing women in decision-making positions in Germany and Norway and their international influence: a contextual approach. Soccer and Society 2017 ;Volum 18.(1) s. 81-101
Kristiansen, Elsa; Strittmatter, Anna-Maria; Skirstad, Berit. Stakeholders, challenges and issues at a co-hosted youth olympic event: Lessons learned from the European Youth Olympic festival in 2015. International Journal of the History of Sport 2016 ;Volum 33.(10) s. 1152-1168
Strittmatter, Anna-Maria. Defining a problem to fit the solution: A neo-institutional explanation for legitimising the bid for the 2016 Lillehammer winter Youth Olympic Games. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics 2016 ;Volum 8.(3) s. 421-437


Doomed to fail? A study of how junior managers at a major sport event cope with leadership issues | A Summary (with Annika Bodemar & Josef Fahlén, 201124)
Action Sports and the Olympic Games: Past, Present, Future Belinda Wheaton & Holly Thorpe Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2022 (review in English by Anna-Maria Strittmatter, published 231205)

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