Sport Scholar Profile | Russell Holden, Southampton Solent University



  • Director, In the Zone Sport and Politics Consultancy
  • Associate lecturer, Southampton Solent University


Research interest

  • The use and abuse of sport by politicians, with reference to the influences of economic, social, and international politics agendas.
  • Exploring the Decline of Afro-Caribbean Cricket in England and the issues behind the falling out of love with a game central to West Indian heritage and liberation from colonial history.

Ongoing research

  • An exploration of the tensions central to the decisions made by the International Cricket Council and national governing boards regarding the game’s priorities and future, noting the changing power dynamic between these organisations and the “Indianisation” of the sport in the context of globalization theory.


  • Co-Founder, Political Studies Association Sport and Politics Specialist Study Group,

Selected publications

  • The Politics of Sport. Community, Mobility and Identity, R. Holden & P. Gilchrist (eds.) Routledge 2011
  • Book review of Sport and Migration: Borders, Boundaries and Crossings, J. Maguire & M. Falcous (eds.) Routledge 2010; in Leisure/Loisir Vol 35 No 1 2011
  • ”International Cricket – The Hegemony of Commerce, the Decline of Government Interest and the End of Morality” in Sport in Society Vol 12 No 4/5 2009


Nordic Elite Sport: Same Ambitions – Different Tracks Svein S. Andersen & Lars Tore Ronglan (red) Oslo: Universitetsforlaget 2012 (book review 120606)
Globalizing Cricket: Englishness, Empire and Identity Dominic Malcolm London: Bloomsbury 2013 (book review 130417)
Out of Left Field: Social Inequality and Sports Gamal Abdel-Shehid & Nathan Kalman-Lamb Black Point, Nova Scotia: Fernwood Publishing 2011 (book review 131124)
Capitalism and Sport: Politics, Protest, People and Play Michael Lavalette (red) London: Bookmarks Publication 2013 (book review 140923)
Playing as if the World Mattered: An Illustrated History of Activism in Sports  Gabriel Kuhn Oakland, CA: PM Press 2015 (book review 151001)
Sport and Neoliberalism: Politics, Consumption, and Culture David L. Andrews & Michail L. Silk (red) Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press 2012 (book review 161013)
Sport, Protest and Globalisation: Stopping PlayJon Dart & Stephen Wagg (red) Basingstoke, Hamps.: Palgrave Macmillan 2016 (book review 170921)
Marxism, Colonialism, and Cricket: C. L. R. James’s Beyond a BoundaryDavid Featherstone, Christopher Gair, Christian Høgsbjerg & Andrew Smith (eds.) Durham, NC: Duke University Press 2018 (book review 190402)
Ladies and Lords: A History of Women’s Cricket in Britain Rafaelle Nicholson Bern: Peter Lang Publishing 2019 (book review 200408)
Cricket and Society in South Africa, 1910–1971: From Union to Isolation Bruce Murray, Richard Parry & Jonty Winch (eds.) London: Palgrave Macmillan 2018 (book review 200604)
Why We Kneel, How We Rise Michael Holding London: Simon & Schuster 2021 (book review 211209)
Cricketing Lives: A characterful history from pitch to page Richard H. Thomas London: Reaktion Books 2021 (book review 220216)
Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack 2022 Lawrence Booth (ed.) London: Bloomsbury 2022 (review in English by Russell Holden, published 220622)

Published 2016-04-16 | Updated 2022-06-22



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