Event Management, Volume 25, 2021, Number 4


Social Media Analytics in Event Marketing: Engaging Marathon Fans in Facebook Communities
pp. 329-345(17)
Park, Seunghyun “Brian”; Park, Kwaangsoo; Park, Jeong-Yeol; Back, Robin M.

Recreation Specialization for Runners And Event Attachment
pp. 347-361(15)
Okayasu, Isao; Oh, Chi-Ok; Morais, Duarte B.

Reaching Across the Divide: The Role of Cultural Events in Peacebuilding
pp. 363-380(18)
Devine, Adrian; Quinn, Bernadette; Devine, Frances

Tourism Mobility at the Summer Olympic Games Rio 2016
pp. 399-410(12)
Cabral, Amanda; Lusby, Carolin; Uvinha, Ricardo

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