Event Management. An international journal, Volume 24, 2020, Number 2–3



Review of Survey Methods in Events Management Research
pp. 217-233(17)
By Fletcher, Richard; Bostock, James

The Persuasion Process of Sponsorship and Nonsponsorship Activation and the Dual Mediation Model
pp. 235-252(18)
By Quintal, Vanessa; Liu, Matthew Tingchi; Unsal, Fahri; Phau, Ian

Multibrand Events and Social Media Engagement: Concentration or Spillover?
pp. 253-262(10)
By Geissinger, Andrea; Laurell, Christofer

Event Market Segmentation: A Review Update and Research Agenda
pp. 277-295(19)
By Tkaczynski, Aaron; Rundle-Thiele, Sharyn

Examining the Event Service Quality for Travelers with Mobility Impairments by Korean Caregivers’ Perspective
pp. 297-310(14)
By Kang, Sangguk; Kim, Heeyoun; Cole, Shu; Piatt, Jennifer A.

Inaugural Events and Beer Tourist Behavior: Capitalizing on the Craft Beer Movement
pp. 311-334(24)
By Manis, K.T.; Chang, Hyo Jung (Julie); Fowler, Deborah C.; Blum, Shane C.

Key Choice Factors and Preferences of Attendees at Academic Hospitality and Tourism Conferences
pp. 335-346(12)
By Kim, Chloe Shinae; Kim, Peter Beomcheol; Milne, Simon; O’Neill, Linda

Understanding Renaissance Faire Travel Participation: An Assessment of Leisure Loyalty Frameworks
pp. 347-360(14)
By Slocum, Susan L.; Huang, Yung-Kuei; McDowell, Jacqueline

Millennial Subgroups’ Attendance and Participation in Events
pp. 361-373(13)
By Scott, Sheila; Ogbeide, Godwin-Charles; Fenich, George G.

Reconceptualizing the Hierarchical Service Quality Model: The Case of Agritourism Events
pp. 389-407(19)
By Tang, Liang Rebecca; Hurst, Jessica; Niehm, Linda; Fiore, Ann Marie; Dorie, Amy; Jablon-Roberts, Sara

The Essence and Measurement of Trade Show Event Experiences
pp. 409-425(17)
By Rai, Sara; Nayak, Jogendra Kumar

Research Note

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