Event Management: An international journal, Volume 26, 2022, Number 5


Temporary Communitas at an Iconic Cricket Event: An Ethnographic Study
pp. 979-992(14)
Lockstone-Binney, Leonie; Mair, Judith; Baum, Tom; Ong, Faith

Responsible Leadership As an Approach to Facilitate Olympic Work Engagement Via Learning Organization
pp. 993-1006(14)
Megheirkouni, Majd; Naylor, Michael; Oshimi, Daichi

The Contribution of Event Quality Factors on the Development of Memorable Tourism Experiences: Evidence from the 2018 Fifa World Cup
pp. 1007-1024(18)
Stergiou, Dimitrios P.; Karagiorgos, Thomasa; Alexandris, Kostas; Benetatos, Theodore; Balaska, Panagiota

“From Dirt to Shirt”: Australian Cotton Conferences Driving Industry Transformation
pp. 1041-1055(15)
Edwards, Deborah; Foley, Carmel; Jasovska, Pavlina

Governance for Major and Mega-events: A Framework Proposition
pp. 1097-1111(15)
Santos, Claudinete DE F.S.O.; Gómez, Carla P.

Cultural Contestation and Masquerade Politics: The Challenge of Trying to Develop a Cultural Event in a Divided City
pp. 1113-1127(15)
Devine, Adrian H.; Devine, Frances G.

First modern Olympic Games in 1894, Athens.

Identification of Critical Risks in Hosting Sports Mega-events: a Social Network Perspective
pp. 1129-1144(16)
LI, Ling; Chen, Yuan; Liu, Bingsheng; Deng, Binchao; XU, Yinghua

Creating Brand Experiences Through Activational Sponsorship Leverage
pp. 1175-1192(18)
Skard, Siv; Apenes Solem, Birgit A.

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