Event Management: An international journal, Volume 26, 2022, Number 4


Rock in Rio Festival: Influences of Brand Experience and the Brand Personality in Audience of a Music Festival in Brazil
pp. 717-732(16)
Rocha, Frederico Rafael Vargas; de Esteban Curiel, Javier; Cunha Moura, Luiz Rodrigo

Volunteers’ Embodied Experiences at a Sport Festival
pp. 747-761(15)
Owen, Steven; Chambers, Donna

A Tale of Two Sponsors: Comparing Channels of Sponsorship Effectiveness Using a Local Charity-linked Event
pp. 763-774(12)
Smith, Wayne W.; Madriaga, Jessica F.; Pitts, Robert E.; Wang, Weishen

Do Green Attributes of Destination Matter? The Effect on Green Trust and Destination Brand Equity
pp. 775-792(18)
Malik, Garima; Gangwani, Kishore Kumar; Kaur, Amandeep


Special Section: Event Management in the Chinese Century

Events Management in the “Chinese Century”
pp. 805-812(8)
Liu, Mingguang; Kennell, James S.

Greening Exhibition Events in China: Beyond Sustainability Into Regeneration
pp. 813-829(17)
Ong, Faith; Qi, Hongxia; Nicole Yu, Nanyi; Ye, Isabella Qing

China’s Generation Z: Students’ Motivations for Conference Attendance and Preferred Conference Design
pp. 847-865(19)
Pavluković, Vanja; Davidson, Rob; Chaperon, Samantha; Vujičić, Milica

pp. 883-898(16)
Sun, Jie; Chang, Wen; Nazlan, Nadia H.; Wang, Chunlei; Wang, Ling

Exploring Community Festivals in the Context of the Chinese Diaspora
pp. 931-947(17)
Nicole Yu, Nanyi; Mair, Judith; Lee, Andy; Ong, Faith

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