European Physical Education Review, Vol. 25, 2019, No. 3

Using features of meaningful experiences to guide primary physical education practice
Stephanie Beni, Tim Fletcher, and Déirdre Ní Chróinín

Psychometric properties of the Cognitive and Metacognitive Learning Strategies Scales among preservice physical education teachers: A bifactor analysis
Jiling Liu, Ping Xiang, Ron McBride, and Han Chen

Open Access
Pupils’ experiences of autonomy, competence and relatedness in ‘Move for Well-being in Schools’: A physical activity intervention
Anne-Didde Holt, Søren Smedegaard, Charlotte Skau Pawlowski, Thomas Skovgaard, and Lars Breum Christiansen

Beliefs of Slovenian early childhood educators regarding the implementation of physical education
Miha Marinsek and Marjeta Kovac

Exploring common stressors in physical education: A qualitative study
Kate Tudor, Mustafa Sarkar, and Christopher Spray

Student game-play performance in invasion games following three consecutive hybrid Sport Education seasons
Cláudio Farias, Isabel Mesquita, and Peter Andrew Hastie

Physical education undergraduate students’ perceptions of their learning using the jigsaw learning method
Nick O’Leary, Alison Barber, and Helen Keane

To move more but sit less: The roles of students’ attitudes and knowledge
Senlin Chen, Xiangli Gu, and Yang Liu

Lessons learned from Paralympic School Day: Reflections from the students
Cathy McKay, Justin Haegele, and Martin Block

Student intention to engage in leisure-time physical activity: The interplay of task-involving climate, competence need satisfaction and psychobiosocial states in physical education
Rossana Di Battista, Claudio Robazza, Montse C Ruiz, Maurizio Bertollo, Francesca Vitali, and Laura Bortoli

African American pre-service physical education teachers’ learning about aquatic courses
Takahiro Sato, Douglas W Ellison, and Kevin Eckert

Effectiveness of a creative physical education intervention on elementary school students’ leisure-time physical activity motivation and overall physical activity in Finland
Juha Kokkonen, Sami Yli-Piipari, Marja Kokkonen, and John Quay

Accelerometer-determined physical activity of children during segmented school days: The Shanghai perspective
Lijuan Wang

Open Access
Physical education-related home–school collaboration: The experiences of parents of children with disabilities
Terese Wilhelmsen and Marit Sørensen

Olympism, physical education and critical pedagogy
Ian Culpan

The importance of novelty satisfaction for multiple positive outcomes in physical education
David González-Cutre and Álvaro Sicilia

Interrogating the enactment of a service-learning course in a physical education teacher education programme: Less is more?
Ann MacPhail and Rhoda Sohun

Becoming a physical education teacher during formalised school placement: A rollercoaster of emotions
Margarida Alves, Ann MacPhail, Paula Queirós, and Paula Batista

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