European Journal for Sport and Society, Vol. 15, 2018, Issue 1


Why does theory matter? Reflections on an apparently self-evident question in sport sociology
Ansgar Thiel, Klaus Seiberth & Jochen Mayer
Pages: 1-4

Original Articles

War, migration, resettlement and sport socialization of young athletes: the case of Syrian elite water polo
Enrico Michelini
Pages: 5-21

Analyzing social integration of young immigrants in sports clubs
Jenny Adler Zwahlen, Siegfried Nagel & Torsten Schlesinger
Pages: 22-42

Orientation patterns of sports and physical activity among young people in Switzerland
Christelle Hayoz, Claudia Klostermann, Torsten Schlesinger & Siegfried Nagel
Pages: 43-57

Involvement in non-club organized sport: organizational patterns of sport participation from a longitudinal life course perspective
Julie Borgers, Bart Vanreusel, Johan Lefevre & Jeroen Scheerder
Pages: 58-77

Match quality, crowding out, and crowding in: empirical evidence for German sports clubs
Christoph Behrens, Eike Emrich, Martin Hämmerle & Christian Pierdzioch
Pages: 78-95


On sport for all and elitist sports in Spain. Reply to David Moscoso-Sánchez, Álvaro Rodríguez-Díaz and Jesús Fernández-Gavira
Núria Puig
Pages: 96-108

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