Communication & Sport, Vol. 8, 2020, No. 4–5 | Sport Communication and Social Justice

Towards a Social Justice Disposition in Communication and Sport Scholarship
Daniel Jackson, Filippo Trevisan, Emma Pullen, and Michael Silk

Sport and the Quest for Unity: How the Logic of Consensus Undermines Democratic Culture
Michael L. Butterworth

Rhetoric, Materiality, and the Disruption of Meaning: The Stadium as a Place of Protest
Anthony C. Cavaiani

Promotional Space or Public Forum: Protest Coverage and Reader Response in Team-Operated Media
Michael Mirer and Adrianne Grubic

Borrowing Brands to Create a Brand: The Commercial Mediation of Paralympic Athletes
Carolyn Jackson-Brown

Uninspired: Framing Wheelchair Basketball and Able-Bodied Basketball in College News Sources
John C. Watson

Football, Media, and Homophobia: Public Framing of the First Pride Game in the Australian Football League
Merryn Sherwood, Alex Donaldson, Suzanne Dyson, David Lowden, Timothy Marjoribanks, Jane Shill, Bruce Bolam, and Matthew Nicholson

“My Story Is My Activism!”: (Re-)Definitions of Social Justice Activism Among Collegiate Athlete Activists
Yannick Kluch

United We Stand, Divided We Kneel: Examining Perceptions of the NFL Anthem Protest on Organizational Reputation
Shaun M. Anderson

Incorporating the Protests: The NFL, Social Justice, and the Constrained Activism of the “Inspire Change” Campaign
Adam Rugg

Separating Perceptions of Kaepernick From Perceptions of His Protest: An Analysis of Athlete Activism, Endorsed Brand, and Media Effects
Bumsoo Park, Sanghyun Park, and Andrew C. Billings

State Control and the Online Contestation of Iranian Female Spectators and Activists
Shahrzad Mohammadi

Muslim Sportswomen as Digital Space Invaders: Hashtag Politics and Everyday Visibilities
Nida Ahmad and Holly Thorpe

“This Isn’t Just About Us”: Articulations of Feminism in Media Narratives of Athlete Activism
Cheryl Cooky and Dunja Antunovic

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