Communication & Sport, Vol. 11, 2023, No. 3


Open Access
Prolonging the Mental Health Moment: Sport, Media, and the Advancement of a More Authentic Athlete
Andrew C. Billings, Marie Hardin

Research Articles

It’s Okay to be Not Okay: An Analysis of Twitter Responses to Naomi Osaka’s Withdrawal due to Mental Health Concerns
Zhijing Chen, Dae Hee Kwak

Mental Health, College Athletics, and the Media Framing of D. J. Carton’s Announcement to Step Away From his Team
David Cassilo, Yannick Kluch

Professional Sport and Initial Mental Health Public Disclosure Narratives
Christopher Elsey, Peter Winter, Susan Jayne Litchfield, Sharon Ogweno, James Southwood

Open Access
Effects of Communication Style on Competence Evaluations of Soccer Referees: Procedural Versus Relational Framing
Christian Burgers, Tammie van Biemen, Ruben van Eeghen, David L. Mann

Performance Expectancy of Officiating Technology in Spectator-Based Sport Events: Scale Development and Validation
Jihoon (Jay) Kim, Yong Jae Ko, Daniel P. Connaughton

Analyzing the Presence of Homosexually- Themed Language Among Association Football Fans in the United Kingdom
Jamie Cleland, Ellis Cashmore, Kevin Dixon, Connor MacDonald


Wearable Fitness Devices: An Investigation into Co-constructed Meaning of Use
Matthew Blaszka, Natasha A. Rascon

Open Access
Media Framing of Women’s Football During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Keith D. Parry, Beth G. Clarkson, Ali Bowes, Laura Grubb, David Rowe

Playoff Losses, Mayoral Politics, Image Repair, and Inoculation: Open Letter Sport Communication
Josh Compton, Jordan L. Compton

Everyone Hates the NCAA: The Role of Identity in the Evaluations of Amateurism Transgressions: A Case Study of the Chase Young Loan Scandal
Gregory A. Cranmer, Brandon Boatwright, SaiDatta Mikkilineni, Joey Fontana

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