Ground-breaking and inspiring study of women’s cricket in history and today

    Rafaelle Nicholson’s Ladies and Lords: A History of Women’s Cricket in Britain (Peter Lang) offers the first ever academic study of the history of women’s cricket in Britain. Our resident cricket expert is Russell Holden, and he is thoroughly appreciative of Nicholson’s effort, which provides a vital contribution to the existing literature on cricket, but equally has much to offer those in engaged with sport history, sport sociology and leisure studies.

    How to make the most of being a woman – isn’t that the most...

    Kajsa Gilenstam is both really excited by and somewhat disappointed with Jacky Forsyth & Claire-Marie Roberts’ edited work The Exercising Female: Science and Its Application (Routledge). While the chapters together give us a better insight into the topic and really make for an important book for those interested in sport and exercise for women, she writes, there are also instances of gender biased assumptions.

    Tilltalande och genomarbetad lärobok i dans inom skolämnet idrott och hälsa

    I antologin Dans 22: Bevægelse, koreografi og performance, sammanställd av Mie Lykke Nielsen och utgiven av Frydenlund, ges inspiration till 22 danser som alla kan ingå i dans- och idrottsämnen på landets gymnasieskolor. Märtha Gripson, som diskuterade 2016 på avhandlingen Positioner i dans: Om genus, handlingsutrymme och dansrörelser i grundskolans praktik, är vår kunniga, och väldigt nöjda, recensent.

    Märklig bok om ett spännande livsöde

    Torbjörn Andersson konstaterar att boken om Börje Lantz är ”den märkligaste jag hållit i min hand”. Börje Lantz från skånska Tomelilla blev den första svenske fotbollsspelaragenten, och i Agent 001: Börje Lantz – ”Kingen från Tomelilla” (Helsingborgs Idrottsmuseum) berättas impressionistiskt om hans livsgärning i texter och tidningsklipp under redaktion av Ken Olofsson. Vår recensent tycker att fenomenet Lantz förtjänar uppmärksamhet.

    Rich anthology about sports and human rights finds little support for idealistic views

    Jules Boykoff and Susan Brownell are among the renowned contributors to the award winning collection The Ideals of Global Sport: From Peace to Human Rights by Barbara J. Keys (University of Pennsylvania Press). Sports mega events feature heavily in the book, as do the UN, IOC, NGOs, Russia and China. Andreas Tullberg, human rights scholar at Lund University, is our reviewer, and he recommends the book as well written with a skeptical outlook.

    Great resource for (American) sports parents

    Having seen sports parents behave in many different ways, this editor is inclined to welcome a popular book on the subject, authored by a renowned sport psychologist. Jim Taylor’s Raising Young Athletes: Parenting Your Children to Victory in Sports and Life (Rowman & Littlefield) is a useful tool for sports parents, according to our reviewer Johan Fallby, although primarily within the American sports culture.

    Study shows the advantages of social media in sports communication

    Brandi Watkins’ Sport Teams, Fans, and Twitter: The Influence of Social Media on Relationships and Branding (Lexington Books) provides an in-depth examination of the use of Twitter as an effective tool to enhance and maintain the fan–team relationship. In her review, Lise Joern finds much to substantiate this claim; however, the pitfalls of social media marketing is not sufficiently scrutinized.

    The role of sport in society – in different contexts and at different levels

    In an edited volume by Danyel Reiche & Tamir Sorek, Sport. Politics, and Society in the Middle East (Hurst Publishers), ten contributors in as many chapters discuss the intersection of political and cultural processes related to sport in the region. Dan-Erik Andersson is pleased to find a book that shares his views on the role of sport in society, although he would have liked to see a commonality in the contributions beyond geographic locality.

    I overkant lettlest og generelt om Ståle Solbakken

    Den tidigare norske proffsspelaren och senare fotbollstränaren Ståle Solbakken – sedan 2013 tränare för F.C. København – porträtterar sig själv i boken Løvehjerte (Aschehoug), ”i samarbete” med de båda sportjournalisterna Peter Sloth, Danmark, och Knut Espen Svegaarden, Norge. Vår recensent Mads Skauges grundliga och kritiska läsning framhåller positiva inslag i boken, men menar att den missar flera önskvärda fördjupningar.

    Penetrating philosophical analysis of the beautiful game

    Steffen Borge, Professor of Philosophy at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, considers the complex nature of football in his new book for Routledge, The Philosophy of Football. We asked Mats Franzén, who previously reviewed Gunter Gebauers Das Leben in 90 Minuten: Eine Philosophie des Fussballs for us, to read and review Borge’s book as well, and he finds that Borge’s erudite efforts deepens our understanding of football.
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