Sport Scholar Profile | Kelsey Erickson, Leeds Beckett University

    Dr Kelsey Erickson is a Research Fellow at Leeds Beckett University. Her primary research interest is the social psychology of doping in sport. Her PhD research was titled "Doping in Sport: a cross-national (US and UK) analysis of track and field athletes". Kelsey's current research is focused on designing, piloting and evaluating an anti-doping education program for student-athletes in the US, UK and Canada.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Shawn E. Klein, Arizona State University

    Shawn E. Klein specializes in ethics, popular culture, and the philosophy of sport. He is the editor of several books including "Defining Sport: Conceptions and Borderlines" (Lexington, 2016) "Steve Jobs and Philosophy: For Those Who Think Different" (Open Court, 2015), and "Harry Potter and Philosophy: If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts" (Open Court, 2004).

    Sport Scholar Profile | Andreas Fröberg, University of Gothenburg

    Andreas Fröberg has a Ph.D. in sport science, and is also a fully qualified PE teacher. He holds a Senior Lecturer position at the Dept. of Food and Nutrition, and Sport Science at the University of Gothenburg. His main research interests lie within the area of sedentary behavior and physical activity, and health promotion interventions among children and youth.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Søren Bennike, Danish Football Association

    Dr. Søren Bennike was until quite recently a Post-Doctoral researcher and lecturer at the 'Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports' at the University of Copenhagen. He taught the courses 'sport in the welfare society' and 'the organisation of sport – in theory and practice'. He is now working at the Danish Football Association as Project Lead of Research & Knowledge.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Trygve Beyer Broch, Inland Norway University

    Trygve B. Broch er førsteamanuensis ved Institutt for Folkehelse, Høgskolen i Innlandet. 2017-2018 er Broch Fulbright forsker ved Center for Cultural Sociology ved Yale University. Han jobber med å utvikle kultursosiologiske perspektiver generelt, og det sterke programmet spesielt, i sosiologisk forskning på idrett.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Jens Christian Nielsen, Aarhus University

    For a number of years, Jens Christian Nielsen has studied young people's well-being and mistrust, transition and identity processes, participation and social communities, and learning and competence development. He is currently responsible for a major research project on talent development in sports ant in the primary school education.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Sepandarmaz Mashreghi, Malmö University

    Sepandarmaz (Sepand) Mashreghi has an international academic background in psychology and physical activity. Before starting her doctoral studies at Malmö University, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Neuropsychology from University of British Columbia and her Master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Psychology from Lund University. She is also an avid runner and a yoga instructor.

    Forskarprofil | Stefan Brodin, Uppsala universitet

    Befattning Master i historia, särskilt idrottshistoria vid Uppsala universitet Adress Österbylevägen 23 A 18773 Täby, Tel: 0702443351 E-mail Forskningsinriktning Idrottshistoria Pågående projekt Landskapens idrottshistoriska utveckling När idrotten...

    Sport Scholar Profile | Ask Vest Christiansen, Aarhus University

    Ask Vest Christiansen is an Associated Professor at the Section for Sport Science, Aarhus University. His main research area is humanistic doping research; doping in elite sports as well as recreational athletes’ use of performance and image enhancing substances. Long interviews are being carried out in order to understand the use of these substances as a cultural rather than medical problem.

    Forskarprofil | Britt-Marie Ringfjord, Linnéuniversitetet, Kalmar

    Britt-Marie Ringfjord undervisar i journalistik, medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap. Hennes främsta intresse är hur genus och maktrelationer kommer till uttryck både i mediernas framställningar och i människors vardagsaktiviteter som t.ex., politik, utbildning, sport och fritid. Detta anknyter även till människors möjligheter att delta i demokratiska processer.
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