Conference Report | EASS 2019, Bø, Norway: Sports and the Environment | June...

    The 16th conference of the European Association for Sociology of Sport (EASS) took place in Bø, Norway, in June 2019, hosted by The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). As usual there weremany delegates and sessions and papers, and as our rapporteurs rightly say, there is no way two people can cover the whole four-day conference. Given that, Anne Tjønndal and Mads Skauge has made a brilliant job of it!

    Finlands överraskande VM-seger i ishockey 2019

    Bill Sund kommenterar årets världsmästerskap i ishockey och Finlands närmast osannolika seger.

    Göteborgslaget Frölunda vann övertygande hockey-SM säsongen 2018-2019

    Bill Sund kommenterar SM-slutspelet i ishockey våren 2019, som vanns av tabelltrean Frölunda HC.

    Från folkhälsa till ”hälsoism”? Nya femininiteter och maskuliniteter inom hälsa och träning från 1970

    Det blev mycket pang för pengarna när Vetenskapsrådet beslöt finansiera Helena Tolvheds forskningsprojekt om nya femininiteter och maskuliniteter inom hälsa och träning från 1970. Vi har nöjet att här och nu publicera en för forumet specialredigerad version av slutrapporten till rådet; en förnämlig sammanfattning av hela projektet och dess spännande delstudier, med en förteckning över projektets många publikationer.

    The Art of Pushing: Olympic Taekwondo

    In the final of the women’s +73 kg division at the World Taekwondo Championships in Manchester last week (May 15–19, 2019), two-time world champion Bianca Walkden, UK, applied some unsports(wo)manlike tactics against China’s Zheng Shuyin that paid off, much to the anger of the audience. Miroslav Imbrišević, once a Taekwondo performer himself, comments on the events

    The Disneyfication of the AFL

    Australian Rules football, footy, is a grassroots sport, but the AFL’s increasing corporatisation is distancing the game from the fans. The recent move towards alliances with big gambling companies, and lately with the Walt Disney Company taking the form of Marvel-isation of the game, argues Andy Fuller, may lead to fans looking elsewhere to enjoy their favorite game.

    Testosterone is not the only Game in Town: The Transgender Woman Athlete

    Concurrent with and to some extent overshadowed by the debate about the recent CAS Caster Semenya and intersex athletes decision, the conflicting views regarding transgender athletes, specifically transgender women athletes, abound. In this feature article, sport and legal philosopher Miroslav Imbrišević reviews and discusses existing research in the light of some current controversial cases.

    It’s All Change for Tennis Team Competitions, but What about the Players?

    Battle of the Tennis Orgs! As the ATP, Association of Tennis Professionals, prepares to launch a new international team tennis competition, the International Tennis Federation, ITF, announces a new format for the Davis Cup. The two competitions will run just six weeks apart. Will the players enter the bouts? Will the sponsors ante up? Will the spectators turn out? Exclusive comment by tennis scholar Robert J. Lake.

    Too young to ride? A study of riding school activities for pre-school children from...

    The aim of the project “Too young to ride?”is to increase knowledge of horse and riding education for pre-school children with the objective of developing safer horse environments in Sweden and Norway. The project poses research questions pertaining to the organization of activities in relation to children, parents, riding instructors, and horses, as well as safety precautions in place and perceptions of safety.

    Digitalisering av skolan kan öka fysisk aktivitet och hälsa

    Christopher Engdahl, forskarstuderande vid Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan i Stockholm, argumenterar i den här feature-artikeln för ökad användning av informations- och kommunikationsteknik i skolämnet idrott och hälsa vilket skulle kunna stimulera aktivitet hos de unga människor som i andra sammanhang låter sig passiviseras av skärmburen underhållning.
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