Familj? Ja stor! Om lesbiska fotbollstjÀrnor och tystnadskultur

    Lesbiska idrottsstjĂ€rnor har byggt upp fotboll till vad den Ă€r idag. Och de hĂ„ller fortfarande pĂ„. Är det inte dags för lesbiska fotbollsfans att vara stolta över detta? Och Ă€r det inte dags att erkĂ€nna kvinnofotboll som en del av den lesbiska kulturen? Att utforska den lesbiska historien och damfotbollshistorien som en helhet borde vara möjligt i en Pride-vĂ€nlig tidsĂ„lder. UtifrĂ„n samtal med Jeanette "Vante" Rosengren och Caroline Jönsson har Moa Svan Ă„terupplivat Malmös lesbiska fotbollssaga.

    Family? Yes, a big one! About lesbian football stars and a culture of silence

    Lesbian sports stars have made football into what it is today. And they're still doing it. Isn't it time for lesbian football fans to be proud of this? And isn't it time to recognize women's football as part of lesbian culture? Exploring lesbian history and women's soccer history as a whole should be possible in the age of Pride. Based on conversations with lesbian football icons Jeanette "Vante" Rosengren and Caroline Jönsson, Moa Svan has revived Malmö's lesbian football story.

    The Black Swan of elite football: The case of Iceland | A summary

    In this feature article, Vi∂ar Halldorsson summarizes his article in Soccer & Society, in which he argues that Iceland can be identified as ‘a Black Swan’ in modern elite sports because it has produced extraordinary results against prestigious football nations. Iceland’s recent success is produced by a ‘none-elite’ sport system, which is built on different ideologies than is customary in the conventional youth sport academies of most nations.

    Physical distance, lockdown and
 physical activity? A brief summary of reviews investigating physical activity...

    Studies of the effects of COVID-19 on the ability or inclination to exercise are manifold, and to help us all to get an overview of the results and the state of knowledge in the field, Andreas Fröberg has read and summarised four reviews that focus on physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic among children and adolescents, and adults, reviews that in turn comprise 151 published research studies. Fröberg identifies the limitations involved in the various studies as well as the indisputable conclusions that can be drawn from them.

    Is there a Future for Olympic Karate?

    The final bout in the men’s karate (over-75 kg) at the Tokyo Olympics ended with a messy, confusing penalty for a kick that was apparently too spectacular for karate. In his feature article for, Miroslav Imbriơević takes a close look at kick itself and does a close reading of the rule book. Based on the incident at the Games and his own assessment of what happened and why, Imbriơević sees a bleak future for karate in the Olympics.

    Idrott och hÀlsa i Malmös skolor: Idrottsundervisning varje dag i skolan förbÀttrar enligt vetenskaplig...

    PĂ„ Malmö stads hemsida presenteras en rad konkreta förslag för hur elever ska fĂ„ ”utveckla sin fysiska, sociala och psykiska förmĂ„ga att vilja, vĂ„ga och kunna vara aktiv genom hela livet”. Samtliga förslag handlar om rörelse pĂ„ raster, aktiva klassrum eller rörelse i anslutning till skoldagen. Skolans idrottsundervisning nĂ€mns inte med ett ord. Det Ă€r mĂ€rkligt!

    A(nother) Failure of Olympic Leadership Amidst Japan’s COVID-19 Crisis

    The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will, unless something totally unexpected happens, open on July 23, 2021. One year late, and in many people’s minds, at least a year too soon. The opposition of the Japanese population is strong and strongly expressed, based on fears of further Covid-19 outbreaks. That the Games will go ahead anyway says much about the history and culture of the Olympic ’movement’, argues Brett Hutchins in his readable critical history of the Olympics from Coubertin and onwards.

    ‘A strong woman’s troubles’: Victorina and the strong woman in Victorian Britain | A...

    In this feature article, Conor Heffernan summarizes his recent article in Women’s History Review, in which he presents his research into strongwomen history and specifically the story of German-born Julia Veidlere, better known as Victorina, famed strongwoman in late nineteenth century Britain. While telling her story, Heffernan also touches upon aspects of her career such as brand management and having to assert her femininity, against a backdrop of music hall entertainment, immensely popular in those days.

    The Sporting Bubble as Gilded Cage: Gendered Professional Sport in Pandemic Times and Beyond...

    In this feature article, Adele Pavlidis and David Rowe summarize their recent article in M/C Journal, in which they take their point of departure in the concept of the bubble to explore the situation for elite athletes following the constraints put upon sports by the Covid-19 pandemic and related measures. The find that the gender and class inequalities present in sports were increased by the pandemic but obscured by the sporting bubbles that kept professional sports performers isolated from the virus as well as from the public eye.

    Being a Group Fitness Instructor during the COVID-19 Crisis: Navigating Professional Identity, Social Distancing,...

    In this feature article, Karin Andersson snd Jesper Andreasson summarize their recent article in Social Sciences, in which they explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and related measures, such as social distancing affect the everyday lives and professions of Les Mills International (LMI) group fitness instructors. According to the participants, online classes as a means of upholding group fitness in times of social distancing is an insufficient substitute to face-to-face instructing.
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